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Is Low Carb Really the Way to Go?

If there was a hot fashion trend for people doing weight loss programs, then low-carb diets such as the Atkins diet would be the "in" thing right now. Sad to say, though, that with the numerous claims of low-carb diet approach and the several informa...

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Fiber could be the answer

Fiber could just be the answer for your weight problems. Essentially fiber is part of a plant, which our body cannot digest. It is very good to our bodies although it does not provide any nutrients or calories as it goes through our digestive syst...

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Simple steps to healthier diet

A diet is an important part of our lives. To be on a healthy diet has many benefits. We can keep away from many diseases once we maintain a proper diet. It will keep our body healthy and fit. We have the power to prevent ourselves from falling sic...

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Healthy cooking tips

There are many healthy cooking tips that can be used to make your favorite recipes better for you. Sometimes it is not necessarily what you are eating that is bad for you, but instead the problem lies in the way it is being prepared. Taking the ti...

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Weight could be affected by blood sugar

Normally how we eat and how we lively we think are determined by the blood sugar level. They way we eat and feel are very important in case we are on the lookout when it comes to our appetite and exercise. The blood sugar level could aff...

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