3 Hour Diet

One of the reasons why we are so overweight today is definitely genetics.  Genetics plays an important role in us not being able to lose weight.  Genetics is in fact the hereditary traits that we inherit from our ancestors.  Especially the survival mechanism that has served mankind for decades is something that we definitely inherit.  IN general, especially in the Ice Ages, human beings had a major problem with being able to keep up with the necessary food levels.  The food was scarce, prey was limited, and plantation was not really heard of in the Ice Ages.  Thus in order to survive the cold and the hunger, human bodies developed a special metabolism reduction mechanism.  This is called Starvation Protection Mechanism (SPM) and in general, this is a mechanism that shuts down the body’s metabolism and slows it down considerably.  As you know our body’s metabolism is responsible for everything that we do.  It is the driving force behind our bodies and our metabolism can be taught as a car engine.  It is fueled by food, just as cars are fueled by gasoline.  However, in times of distress, the rate of the engine is lowered considerably so that it will consume less gasoline (food).  In reality, this is a good mechanism and it is responsible for keeping us alive, especially in times of hard ship and famine.

Thus, the three hour diet is based on the Starvation Protection Mechanism (S P M) and its basic principles.  It takes advantage of this hereditary trait that all humans have received.  Just as in the Ice Ages, the human body even now slows it .metabolism when your blood sugar goes down.  In practicality, this means that when you become hungry and your energy reserves are depleted, immediately your body goes into conservation mode, just as it has done thousands of years ago.  In essence, the 3 hour diet recognizes this principle and makes use of it, so that you can lose some weight in the end.

So what happens when you are on the 3 Hour Diet?  The first thing that the 3 Hour Diet tells you to do is you must eat every three hours.  This is the actual main focus of the diet program.  Under every circumstance, you are required to eat every three hours.   The driving force behind this is the fact that your body metabolism will slow down when it feels hunger, so don’t give it a chance to slow down and eat as frequently as possible.  The creator of the 3 hour diet has determined that 3 hours is the perfect time for the metabolism planning thus you must eat every three hours to speed up your metabolism.

However eating every three hours is not the only part of the plan.  There are other components.  The second thing that the plan emphasizes is the fact that you must eat three meals and three snacks to accompany it.  This is important to the 3 hour diet plan as you are not allowed to allow your metabolism to slow down even one bit.  However, besides this time restriction, there is not much to worry about and you can eat balanced meals.  You are allowed to eat carbohydrates, proteins, soy and fiber products to your heart’s content.  The important emphasis on the 3 hour diet is not on what you can eat but rather when you should eat it.  So you are allowed to eat anything that you want easily as long as you eat in moderation.  If you feel like eating steak and cheese, you can do so, provided that you control yourself while eating.

Of course, exercise is also recommended with this diet.  You are supposed to do exercises 4 times a week and the program encourages logging on 10000 steps every day for your health and for your weight loss program.  The combined exercise program with the notion of eating with three hour intervals to increase the speed of your body metabolism is a sound one and some success does come out of this plan.

However, like many weight loss plans there are some shortcomings to this plan also.  These shortcomings include the assumption that you will lose your belly fat first with this diet.  Unfortunately, this is not true, as the studies show that when body is confronted with starvation protection mechanism, it is not the body fat that creates the problem; but rather the muscle tissues, which are burned into energy first.  So this assumption of losing belly fat through the 3 Hour Diet is not a sound assumption.  In fact, it may mislead you.  Another assumption is the fact that eating frequently is responsible for speeding up your body processes.  Of course, this is true but it is not the only factor in speeding up your body metabolism.  Many other factors are important when you want to speed up your body.  These include plenty of sunshine to stimulate serotonin, lots of fresh air and oxygen, lots of activities and sports to get your body going, lots of vitamins and minerals are all activities that effect your metabolism rate.  Even in the summer your metabolism will be higher compared to winter (to conserve energy in the winter your metabolism slows down).

So even though in summary, the plan is a sound one and it does work when it is incorporated as a life style, it is better not to generalize the plan.  Perhaps going to your general physician to get some special adaptation for your body will be a good one.  Some people may have hormonal problems that will prevent them from increasing their metabolism rate.    Therefore going to a doctor to have a checkup and have the plan adapted especially for you, may work much better.  In addition, there is no clinical study that proves that you need to eat in every three hours.  It can be perhaps four.  Again, this is something different for everybody and your doctor should determine the exact time.  But even with these shortcomings, it is a more sensible diet than the most weight loss programs.

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