A nutrition and balanced diet

There are two things that all of us know but few of us do when it comes to weight loss. We all know that balanced diet and nutrition are two important things in keeping our weight down. However, many of us cannot resist the call of temptation when it comes to eating delicious, high-cholesterol foods. In the first place, why resist? These foods are sumptuous and whet your appetite. In the second place, you will now just have a few now and do dieting latter. But let me tell you, if you paid attention to proper nutrition and the food that you include in your diet then you may not need to watch out for that belly protruding your pants in the first place. And, you need no go dieting in the second place. Furthermore, you will probably appreciate it more in the end if you eat a balance diet and have good nutrition than enter a diet program that disregards the advantage of a well-planned nutritious diet, which will not provide you with sufficient nourishment. It is sad to say that malnourishment can in fact lead you to obesity.

Perhaps many of us have the wrong concept of malnutrition. Some may attribute malnutrition to slim, wiry bodies. The truth is, if one is malnourished a person’s weight may fluctuate from light to heavy and back again. Some diet programs can do this to you. You shed some weight this month and let you regain it the next, then lose again and gain it back again. This is called weight cycling, and this can lead you to obesity. Prevent yourself from being a victim of weight cycling by providing your body with balanced nutrition. Practice it now and you may forever swear off dieting out of your life.

So, let us get the nitty-gritty bits about nutrition and balanced diet. Read on…

Nutrition: Why is it important?
Most people who go on diets experience malnutrition. Barely do they know that malnutrition can lead to weight regain. You are not the first one to wonder why weight regain happens after dieting. This occurs because you are prone to eating a lot of unhealthy junk after you starved yourself. Overeating is triggered because your body is calling to you to replace the lost vitamins and minerals (also known as micronutrients) that you were not able to provide your body during your dieting days.

Many dieting programs pay no attention to proper nutrition, thus leaving you deficient in micronutrients, which make it harder for your body to shed off some pounds. Proper nutrition is important because it makes your eating habits normal and it avoids weight regain. If you notice that your diet program does not give you proper nourishment, then do not waste your time on that program. And, if you do try on a diet program, be sure to drink vitamin and mineral supplements recommended by your doctor to augment the micronutrient that might be lost in the dieting process. Having the right amount of micronutrients is crucial to your health.

When you put a lot of thought in nutrition together with your diet program, then you will lose weight the healthy way. Now, this leads us to another point in this article – balanced diet.

Balanced Diets: Why is it important?
How can you recognize that the diet program offered to you contains a balanced diet? You can tell if it is balanced when there is proper allocation of all the food groups. That is to say, the micro and macronutrients (e.g., protein, carbohydrates, and fats) are distributed in proper percentages following the recommended daily allowance for each nutrient.

Balanced diet and nutrition come hand in hand, and they are extremely important for the success of your weight loss plan. Yet, many people do not understand balanced diet and nutrition very well, which is why many people who fail to control their weight. Numerous diet programs do not focus on balanced diet because they want to impress clients with the fast reduction of the client’s weight. But, who could blame them when we all desire speedy results? That is why balanced diet and nutrition are sacrificed in many diet programs. Little do many know that a diet program that revolves around balanced diet and nutrition will generate lasting effects than most weight loss programs.

The Flaw in the Plan: Lack of Balanced Nutrition
You are one of the many who question why their diet programs failed them. This is a favorite question among dieters. As what was mentioned before suggests, most diet programs do not pay much attention to balanced diet and nutrition. Since the two are vital factors that promote the lasting success of weight loss programs, if they are neglected then all your efforts will go down the drain in no time. The National Institute of Health (NIH) with the help of professionals who study weight loss identified the most common flaws of many dieting programs – The lack of balanced nutrition.

What Must Be Done?
Now that you have identified the things that make diet programs fail, surely you will not turn a blind eye on everything that has just been discussed. You should have a plan of action next. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Before you begin on any diet program, visit a doctor or a nutritionist and submit yourself to a nutritional assessment.
  2. If there are findings about any nutritional deficiency, correct for the defect by taking vitamin and mineral supplements that will fill in the loss.
  3. Scrutinize the diet program that will be given to you and check whether it takes into consideration your general health by including balanced diet and nutrition into the program.

To sum it all up, no diet program is worth your while if it means sacrificing your general health and well-being in the end. Proper nutrition and balanced diet is the key to maintaining a desirable weight.

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