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If you are a man then losing weight becomes especially important for you.  Most recent studies show that men who are overweight are in much higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and liver failure, stroke, blindness along with all kinds of illnesses.  Being overweight will mean that your cholesterol is high and your immune system is low.  Thus being overweight and obese can be more dangerous for man then for woman. Especially if you are in the obese category or if you have extra 20 pounds or more, then your risks will be much higher and you will need to take more drastic steps to lose weight.   Thus, being a man and being in a diet can be a difficult situation.  Of course besides the obvious health reasons, you will probably want to lose your weight for the obvious aesthetic reasons.  No man will want to have a belly fat if he can help it.  Being lean and fit will make any men feel joyful and satisfied.  Also being overweight for men can cause a score of problems ranging from depression to various sexual disorders.
However, it seems that in the multibillion dollar weight loss industry, the major diets and weight loss programs are geared toward women.  Thus, both the calorie requirements and the exercise requirements will be much different for women on a diet.  For example, telling a man to eat only 1 single leaf of vegetable with one matchbox full of meat will just not cut it.  This is where Abs diet has been born from.  According to the philosophy outlined above, you need a special diet for man that can help him lose weight and keep healthy at the same time.  Thus in the ABS Diet, the minimal calorie requirements along with the exercise guidelines are quite different from those other diets that usually target women.  In addition, another important point in the A B S Diet is the fact that it is more geared toward time.  This is because nearly all men work and thus they will have even less time to prepare special meals or have time to do rigorous exercises.  Therefore, A B S Diet is specially geared toward man and their energy and time requirements.
So what does the ABS Diet consists of:  It specifically has 6 guidelines that forms the basis for your ABS Diet: 

  1. You must eat 6 meals a day if you want to lose weight.  This means that you will have to eat 3 main courses and three snacks in between.  Also the main meals and the in between snacks have to be arranged so that the time interval between them is minimal and evenly spaced.  This also helps boost your metabolism.
  2. The 12 power foods will be the main center focal point of your diet.  Thus, these focal foods need to be taken regularly for healthier living and for reduced weight.  These 12 power foods such as almonds, nuts; beans are essential part of the ABS Diet and they will allow you to receive the proper nutrition and the necessary low calories that you need.
  3. You must intake and drink smoothies to promote a faster metabolism and allow your hunger processes to be controlled.  In addition, drinking smoothies’ helps stabilize your blood glucose levels according to this diet.
  4. You must watch what you are drinking.  This means that no soft drinks, no sweet and sugary drinks, no ice cream shakes and if possible no drinking alcohol.  Because of the high sugar content in most alcoholic beverages, the diet suggests that they will be detrimental for your general health and weight loss program.  Nevertheless, if you must drink, it must be done in moderation.
  5. You must stop counting your calories.  This is perhaps the psychological part of the program as counting calories will be fruitless and it will only drive you into despair.  Juts forget about the calories and focus on your goals.
  6. The last guideline is probably the best of them all.  In this guideline, you are instructed to just forget about everything and all the guidelines above for one meal a week.  This last guideline is a wonderful incentive so that you do not feel yourself as if you were in a diet prison.  This gives you motivation and it also allows you to focus better on your ABS Diet.

So it can be seen from the general description of the ABS Diet, as well as from the 6 guidelines above; this diet is mostly a male diet with the male psychology and male nutritional needs in mind.  Even in the recipes, this male scheme is reflected with such foods names as Macho Meatballs and Godzilla Tortillas.  The foods are made so that a man on the ABS Diet will receive around 1700 calories per day.  This calorie limit is usually appropriate for most men and thus it allows you to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time in your ABS Diet.
Of course, exercise is also an important part of the diet.  You are given an ample opportunity to exercise and usually the exercises are prepared so that you will only have to spend around 20 minutes a day, which is quite normal for a working man.  There are some cardiovascular exercises in the ABS Diet; but the main emphasis is on doing weight lifting and resistance exercises.  The makers of the A B S Diet feel that this allows men to receive healthier workout that is more suited to their physical needs.
So overall, the ABS Diet is a sound diet that is geared both physically and psychologically toward men.  It allows for more stable and healthier weight loss for men and it provides a sound alternative to hundreds of diets that is usually suited for women.  As long as you adhere to it, you can be sure that you will lose weight and also become a healthier person.

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