Abs Diet for Women

When the original A B S diet was first introduced, it was deemed as very popular as it was a specific diet that was geared toward man.  It was especially a success because; it took into account the specific diet requirements of men along with the psychological requirements and the motivating factors.   The original ABS Diet, which was designed for men, was very popular suddenly and the most reviews were very favorable for this new diet for men.  All of a sudden, there were many men who were on this diet and they were losing weight as well as they were becoming healthier.  However, soon women were also interested in this new and popular diet and thus a special version for it that was suited to woman’s physiology was invented by the original creators of the ABS Diet.  Possibly the real reason for the woman’s interest in this diet comes from the fact that the main goal of the diet is to make you lose all your belly fat in 6 weeks.  This is a very arrogant approach; but psychologically it is an effective one whether you are a man or a woman.  Especially for aesthetic reasons, most people will want to get rid of belly fast first.  For many people losing weight and becoming thinner will not be a consolation and they will want to lose the belly fat to see a tangible proof of their weight loss goal.

The ABS Diet for Women essentially centers on the same principals and guidelines as the A B S Diet for Men.  These are mainly:

  1. You must be eating six meals per day.  This is very important as it allows you to create a faster metabolism that will allow you to burn more calories with less effort.  In the A B S Diet for woman, you must eat three main meals and have three snacks in between.  The main part that you have to watch put is the fact that the time intervals between the six meals should be short and they should be equal to each other.  This way the stability of your blood glucose level is maintained and your sudden hunger carvings are diminished.
  2. In order to make sure that your body receives the most nutritious foods as well as foods that will boost your metabolism and allow you to burn fat easily is by the 12 major power foods that are suggested for your body.  With these foods, the ABS Diet claims that your body will be able to burn fat easily and you will lose weight soon.  These power foods also trigger lean muscle growth according to the diet.  These 12 power foods These 12 power foods such as almonds, nuts; beans are essential part of the ABS Diet and they will allow you to receive the proper nutrition and the necessary low calories that you need.
  3. You must not count your calories.  In fact, this is one of the cornerstones of the diet as counting your calories proves to be counterproductive.  Instead, the ABS Diet for Women suggests that you should focus more on the goals of your diet.
  4. You should take smoothies to help stave off hunger attacks.  This guideline combined with the guideline of eating 6 meals a day does put your body and glucose levels in order.
  5. You must watch what you are drinking.  In the A B S Diet for Women, it is absolutely forbidden to drink cola and soft drinks.  Especially sugary drinks and high calorie energy drinks should not even be in the same house as you.  In addition, alcohol is not recommended in this diet, but if you must drink alcohol then it is suggested that at least you should do it two to three times a week and in moderation.
  6. Exercise is an integral part of the plan and you should exercise diligently, if you want to lose weight and if you want to lose especially your belly fat.
  7. The last guideline of the diet is perhaps the most motivating factor of them all.  It has been successful for man and it is planned so that it will also be successful for woman. In this last rule for one meal a week, you are supposed to forget about all the guidelines above and just enjoy your meal any way that you like.  The principle is the same: It gives you the feeling that you are not entrapped in some diet prison and thus you will feel more focused and relaxed concerning your weight loss program.

Thus, it can be seen that the A B S Diet for women incorporates lots of sound strategy into play concerning your weight loss goals and your health.  It has a logical goal of 1400 calories per day, which is a healthy target for women. Thus, you eat reduced but healthy calories; you get all the necessary nutrients by eating the 12 power foods, which are a great combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  
Of course, the exercise component of the ABS Diet for women is also important part of the diet.  There are special aerobic exercises that are planned for the diet and these allow women to lose weight and keep fit and healthy at the same time.  Unlike the men version of the diet, the emphasis is not placed on the weight lifting and on the resistance exercises.
So the ABS Diet is a special diet that allows you to achieve a life style that is well balanced and healthy.  Not only will you lose your weight, but also you will be healthy and fit.  However, the claim of losing your belly fat in 6 weeks may not be realistic and thus you should not get your hopes too high.  But overall you will lose some significant weight in the process by doing healthy activities. So it may not be a miracle for you but it is a weight loss plan that can deliver.

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