Acai Berry - A Weight Loss Super Scam

Acai Berry - A Weight Loss Scam

One of the newer weight loss scams propagated in our time is that Acai berry weight loss scam.  It is just another fad diet that claims you can lose weight in weeks by adding Acai berries into your diet. From claims of better sleep, metabolism, digestion, and it even claims to make your skin look young again… the list just goes on and on. They do not even bother with scientific studies or reports to support any of the claims they make yet why are these kinds of scams that effective on many an unwary person?

We all are looking for that one silver bullet to answer all our troubles, especially when it comes to weight loss. The public always wants to believe that there is an easier way to lose weight and it is quite believable that some exotic berry from the forests of Brazil may hold the answer. So you find consumers buying exotic food rather than buying blueberries, grapes, and other fruits. Acai berry does offer many health benefits but that does not mean that it will actually help you lose weight better than all the other fruits.

This is because Acai berry is a fruit and fruits do not tell us how much we actually eat. These berries which are found in Brazil rain forests grow from palms that reach up to 60 feet high. Although Acai berry has a lower sugar content and tastes somewhat like chocolate or berries, eating too much of it or eating it with other foods rich with sugar actually defeats the purpose of weight loss anyway. You would find this berry used in beverages, treats, and dietary supplements.

The main reason why Acai berry became known worldwide and was took advantage of by many companies for profit was two discussions in the Oprah Winfrey show where this fruit was listed among the 10 super foods you could actually take. It was described to have a mix of antioxidants, dietary fiber, monosaturated fats, and helpful amino acids. Even Dr. Mehmet Oz, a regular on the show attests to its benefits.

Although it was said to be a great food source, they never said it would answer your search for the ultimate weight loss product. It is sad that with all this hype over this fruit, that many vendors and businesspeople are deceiving the public with false advertising and marketing campaigns even to the extent of explicitly claiming that its products are approved by Oprah.

Some scams even tricked customers who avail of the 14 day free trial of their product. These deceitful vendors send a letter with the product saying that if the consumer does not cancel the order by phone, they will automatically be debited for continued purchase and sent more of the product. The phone number turns out to be a fake one giving the consumers the hassle of convincing their bank to cancel these fraudulent transactions. The banks eventually agreed with most of the customers who were deceived in this way but after damages were already done to the consumers.

It is saddening that many people resort to deceit and trickery just to gain profit. That being said, it is not the fault of Acai berry for being a great super food. It still contains about 10 times more antioxidants than grapes and more flavonoids than what red wine would offer, yet it is not the answer for anybody's weight loss woes. Yes, it promotes good cardiovascular and digestive systems. Yes, it helps in muscle regeneration by providing essential amino acids. That does not mean though that you should let yourself be deceived by these money making scams. Although antioxidants delay aging and prevent many kinds of cancers, it is still up to the consumer how they live their lifestyle.

Just adding Acai berry into anything is not the answer. Proper diet and lifestyle count too. There are many suppliers of Acai products that provide value for money. If you're planning to use Acai berry as a substitute and modifying your diet for a more healthful meal, you're welcome to but if you think Acai berry is the answer to all your problems, you might be the unwitting victim of another scam. There are so many other fruits out there and newer scams that prey on people who are looking for "magical cures" for losing unwanted weight appear all the time. There is no silver bullet for solving weight problems. If it is too good to be true and involves money, most likely it is too good to be true. Stay cautious and think things through first. You'll be glad you did.

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gud wrk
By: jessyca 9 years ago
tell me the indian name for acai berry
By: 10 years ago
The acai juice is working great to my diet w/ my boyfriend. Ive lost weight along w/ exercise.
By: Steph 10 years ago
I wouldn't know if it is a scam but I find it very hard to believe that berry - a BERRY, for christ's sake - can fix all of your problems. People can be very charming when it comes to scams and lies, so it is very easy to be roped into something, especially something that you want to hear.
By: no one. 11 years ago
By: tj 11 years ago
not scam
By: kevin 12 years ago

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