Let us discuss some things about a drug that is used for weight loss.  Losing your weight is one of the most difficult tasks nowadays. People have great difficulties in getting rid of their extra pounds. They always go through a painful process of getting rid of their extra weight.  Adipex is another product that is used for weight loss. Suppressing appetite is the main function of this drug. It is a prescribed drug and does not make you feel hungry. It is many times known as Phentermine which is an amphetamine and a phenethylamine. Most of the time, this drug is prescribed by the doctors to people who have a risk of life, because of their weight. It is sold as an immediate release formula which is called the Adipex.

Using Adipex cam make you experience insomnia, and if you want to use this drug you might want to consider it taking after a few hours of your breakfast or should be taken before you take your breakfast.

In the near past there was a drug formulated which was named as Fen- Phen. This drug consists of two main ingredients and these two main components are Fenfluramine and Phentermine. A research showed that people using it had developed many heart diseases and almost 30% people developed and experienced cardiac problems. Using this drug can severely damage your lungs as this drug causes blood pressure. The short period usage of this drug causes blood pressure problems. Prescribed drugs that are used for weight loss are famous for side effects.

In the very beginning Adipex will make you lose your weight very quickly but the results of using this drug can be fatal. Using this drug does not give any miraculous results but does give good results in the first few weeks of its use.  It does not change your weight or make you lose weight at a tremendous amount but only a few pounds and then your body gets immune to the drug and does not get affected in any manner. In the end your appetite goes to the same state as it was in the beginning and you feel hungry as you used to before. Most of the drugs that are prescribed on the web are fake and counterfeit. So buying them can make you pay an expensive price.  These medicines that are faked contain a content of lead paint chip and it is very hazardous to one’s health, as lead is not safe in any sort to be taken by humans.  The only way Adipex can work safely and will not cause any harm is when you consult a doctor in routine and also you keep up with your exercises and control your diet as the doctor advises you to.

There are many side effects related to the usage of Adipex. It can affect all parts of your body in different ways and at different times or maybe they act at the same time to mal function any part.  Some of the many problems that you can experience are as follows:

  1. You heart can start mal functioning. This disease is called tachycardia.
  2. Your senses can get affected by usage of this drug.
  3. You might experience increase in blood pressure.
  4. You might experience palpitations.
  5. You might feel restless.
  6. Insomnia can be caused.

These are a few short term usage problems that you can face. If you continue to take this drug even after these symptoms, following can be the result:

  1. You can have chest pains.
  2. Your lips can get swollen and even your tongue and face.
  3. You can have breathing problems.
  4. Headaches can be severe.
  5. Eye sight can be affected.
  6. You can start behaving in an abnormal way.
  7. Hallucination can be experienced.
  8. Fatigue can be encountered.
  9. Throat can be clogged.
  10. Blood pressure can rise rapidly.
  11. Lethargy
  12. Feeling nervous.
  13. Heart beat can change and act abnormally.
  14. You might as well feint.
  15. You might get touchy and sensitive about yourself.

There are a number of withdrawal symptoms because of the usage of this drug

  1. Personality disorder
  2. Fatigue
  3. Nausea
  4. Rickety
  5. Skin problems
  6. Stomach pains
  7. Touchiness and sensitivity
  8. Mental disturbances
  9. Ghastly nightmares
  10. Hyperactivity

People who suffer from the following diseases should completely avoid the use of Adipex. As it can prove to be fatal: 

  1. If you are on any sort of medication.
  2. If you suffer from agitation.
  3. Hyperthyroidism
  4. If you have blood pressure.
  5. Glaucoma
  6. If you have any heart disease.
  7. Hypersensitivity
  8. Allergy of any sort.

If you have been exposed to the use of monoamine oxidizes inhibitors then Adipex should not be used within the 14 days after its use.

Adipex works completely fine for the first few weeks of its use but silently and dangerously it strikes you and not even knowing it will cause you harm in the end. It can be a real headache in the end and this cheap drug can cause you a fortune. You can encounter many diseases if you use this drug and you can be on your way to disaster. The results can prove to be fatal.  What if one day your doctor tells you that you really suffer from a disease that will one day prove fatal, then what will your feeling that for saving money at that moment you now have to pay the price of your life. If you would not have listened to such drug sellers then today you would have been a healthy man and could have got rid of your extra pounds by dieting and exercising. Many of the dugs that are prescribed on the internet may be counterfeit and fake. They might have fake labels and stamps as well. So do not ever buy products that do not show proper certifications and testimonials posted on them.  Always consult your doctor or make sure of everything before you go and buy anything online. You might get excited to see a cheap offer and go for it but believe me nothing can be more important than your life and health. Weight can be lost but the parts of your body can never be replaced.

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what is price?
By: shivani 8 years ago
Adipex has to be given to you from a doctor. the dr visit is $50-$80 and the pills are $30 for a 30 day supply. one pill a day, taken in the am. Its like speed. keeps you hyper all day, then you crash after 12 hrs. loose weight fast, thu. and not as hungry. but it messes up your liver long-term. 3 months at a time. then 3 months no pills, then you can get them again. expensive, but it works. makes ya want to smoke more, though if you are already a smoker. Excercise while taking it and weight will drop off. no eating after 7pm. no junk or fast food. small meals like 6 a day. GOOD LUCK!
By: ~NurseJordana~ 10 years ago
see i want know how works it then i got any side effects means wat i wil do?
and i need to the price of this medicine?
By: Divi 10 years ago
It's hard to trust a source that has tons of misspellings ans it says don't take if you have blood pressure! If you didn't have blood pressure you'd be dead:)
By: Krissy 10 years ago

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