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It is never fun being told to lose weight. It is one thing when your friends or family bring it up but when you doctor is insisting of it then it takes on a whole other meaning. But losing weight is not a bad thing. It can reduce your blood pressure, stop diabetes or lessen its affects and allow you to live a longer life. Taking Alli can help in that for you. Alli is, essentially, a lower grade of Xenical that you can buy over the counter. If you have attempted other ways to lose wait then Alli could be your best route. Before using it, however, you should always talk to your doctor first and ask any questions that you can think of.

You do not have to be prescribed Alli but you should only take it if you are obese and you need to lose a certain amount of weight. Even though Alli is not prescribed you should still continue to see your doctor on a regular basis as it is important to make sure that the effects of the medication are within reason and you are still reacting to it. If you, at any time, during the treatment and use of Alli discover that your weight loss is slowing then you should contact your doctor – there is a good chance you will be taken off of Alli.

Alli comes in a tablet form and is a drug. Alli absorbs fat as you eat. The fat that comes from the food is usually converted into one of two things: it is either turned into energy for your body or it is stored in your body (which becomes fat). Alli takes up to thirty percent of the fat that is ingested and then removes it from your body as waste. What this means is that your body will, essentially, store less fat. If you combine that with a diet that is low in fat diet and now, because you are taking Alli, your body ceases to store a vast majority of the fat and then, instead, coverts it. What this means for you is weight loss.

Despite the fact that Alli is an over the counter medication you should still make sure that you are in full and proper health. Go to your doctor and have them do a complete work up on you including having your BMI checked, measuring your waist, getting an accurate weight and blood tests to make sure you are in good health as far as vitamins are concerned. These tests are important so that you can make sure that you are a good candidate for Alli and that your weight loss will continue and remain off.

Roche is manufactures Alli and also are the manufacturer’s behind Xenical, also known as Orlistat. The little blue tablet is all you need and the bottle generally comes in a 28-day dosage that you take three times a day, one with each meal. It is important to note that it is only effective if you take it with a meal that contains fat and only an hour before you eat. This allows the pill to metabolize.

Alli is a tool like anything else and to make it work for you as it should you really need a diet to accompany it that is low in fat. This gives Alli something to work with and does not deprive you of any much needed nutrients. Alli encourages you to consume a meal that is much healthier for you. The rule to food choices would be foods with 3 grams of fat for each 100 grams and no more than thirty to forty grams for the entire day. It should be spread out throughout the entire day. As per the documentation that comes with Alli fat should not be more than 30% of your diet on a day on average. Items like cheese can cause some serious gastrointestinal problems so looking at the labels on the foods you are buying is paramount to being successful using Alli.

Besides the normal food intake you get from your diet you should always incorporate between meal snacking of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. You will also find that increased activity through exercise is a boon to your body’s metabolism and will make Xenical even more effective as a weight loss and fat burning tool.

Keep in mind that every medication has possible side effects. Alli is no different. When you are on Alli you will be expelling foul smelling bile that is orange and oily. It is not pretty. The more fat you ingest the worse it will be. When using Alli use common sense.

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how much price
By: sumu 8 years ago
wnt to knw tat price...
By: shalini 9 years ago
tell me the price and where i can getit
By: anu 9 years ago
what is exact price can we buy in walmart in hyderbad plz let me know,and i think it does not have any side effects.
By: sareen 9 years ago
what is d exact price?nd from where should i buy in Bangalore, is it really work on all bodies , 2nd with medicine we hv to do excerise or only medicine will help.
By: ujwalla 9 years ago
what is d exact price?nd from where should i buy in chandigarh

By: ranjana 9 years ago
Where can we get it in faridabad ?
By: Gunjan 9 years ago
wht is the price nd wre i will get it in delhi
By: nidhi 9 years ago
Can we get this drugs in Lokoja, Nigeria? Is it ok for a breastfeeding mum?
By: Peculier 9 years ago
My daughter started Alli last month February 1st, she has seen great results so far by exercising 3-4 times week, 30 mins to 1 hour, and low fat diet. She has lost 22 pounds over 7 weeks. Oily stolls only with high fat food, but no major problems. My daughter is 21 year retarded adult, but she is over weight and I'm really hoping this pill helps her learn heathier habbits over time, with good results!!
By: ebonyniowarn 9 years ago

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