Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training is an important part of any exercise program. Weight training is not a means to lose weight but to gain bulk - to increase the weight of things that you can move and lift.

You just need to remember that even in this hectic life you can make time for yourself to be healthier or else why bother to continue wandering around this great big world of ours? There is more to life than watching television or eating a six count donut box from Dunkin Donuts.

Combining weight training with a diet rich in protein and a good cardio routine will yield you the greatest results. What follows are the top 18 benefits that make weight training important to your health.

1. Working out on weights and training your body to build more muscle is a great way to tone what God gave you at birth. Another great thing is that when you are working out with weights you are increasing your basal metabolism. Basal metabolism lets you burn more calories within a twenty-four hour period of time even when you are at rest or asleep.

2. When a person hit’s the age of thirty the metabolism begins to decline. Weight training is a means in which one can increase or reverse this natural degradation.

3. Lifting weights on a regular basis increases endorphins which work to refuel and energize you.

4. We have over 650 muscles in our bodies and when we weight train nearly every single one of those is somehow positively affected.

5. Osteoporosis is something that plagues older adults and is represented by a lack of bone density. Weight training helps to strengthen your bone mass.

6. The endurance that you get from your muscles is increased by leaps and bounds meaning that you can not only lift more but maintain it for a longer period of time.

7. Have no fear women! Weight training does not produce large muscles but instead tones them - firms them up. This is good as most women do not have a desire to become professional body builders but just to tone up problem areas such as the buttocks and arm flaps.

8. Weight training increases your bodies natural strength and that can increase your self esteem as well as lift up your confidence.

9. Proper weight training allows you to be less prone to nagging lower back pains.

10. High blood pressure is a killer of many people all the world over. Weight training can be a means to decrease your blood pressure while you are at rest.

11. Weight training increases your bodies natural healing properties which can aid you in combating and conquering a myriad of diseases that are found later in life. This includes some forms of cancer and especially adult onset diabetes.

12. Colon cancer is a threat to many men. It has been proven that weight training reduces the chance of getting colon cancer by reducing the time food waste stays in your intestinal system.

13. We have all heard of HDL cholesterol - the good stuff. Weight training helps to increase it. This can help to counteract the ingestion of all that bad cholesterol we all seem to enjoy so much.

14. You will even find that weight training can improve your posture. This occurs when you are increasing muscle tone in your back they become tighter and more efficient and you stand up taller and straighter than normal.

15. Your immune system will see the benefits in a very short time. As you weight train you are constantly ripping your muscles - oxygenating them - this improves circulation which builds your immune system.

16. Your heart rate while you are rest will be less when you have been weight training. This means that your heart will be healthier.

17. You will notice that after you have been weight training for some time that your balance as well as coordination will be vastly improved.

18. The oxygenation of the blood and muscles from weight training will also increase your good mood due to the endorphins that are generated.

Weight training can be the salvation of many people looking for a better life. There is a life out there that is worth living and until you make the effort and put in the work you will never see that. Just keep in mind that all it takes is an hour each day - before work. Eat right, weight train and do cardio exercise and in no time you will see yourself become a much stronger person.

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