Best Summer Foods

Many people have the compulsion to literally starve themselves in order to fit into their swimsuits for pool season. Many off the wall fad diets get their start this way. The only real secret to losing weight is that there is no secret: Eat healthy! The real way to losing weight is to burn off more calories than you put in. Healthy food choices are the beginning of the process with exercise being the clincher. The summer months make it a lot easier to choose foods that are better for you because of it being s hot and gross you just want to stay away from hot, greasy foods and want something light and refreshing.

Produce is at its peak during the summer and that is where you will begin. Fruits and vegetables are every where you go. They’re low in calories, loaded with minerals and vitamins and just taste really good. They have everything that you need in order to lose weight without feeling hungry. From berries and melons to fantastic garden vegetables like squash and zucchini you have no reason to not eat well because you have nothing to worry about portion control.

Cooking in the summer can be unbearable. Start your meal with fruits and vegetable that are cut up and some greens. Keep yourself from cooking and make slow-roasted meats like chicken or soups from the crock pot. You can always buy pre-prepped foods from the grocery to cut down time spent in the kitchen.

There are five dietitian recommended foods that can help with losing weight in the summer:

  1. Chilled Soups. Take a lot of summer vegetables and make a soup like cucumber dill or gazpacho. You get a lot of chunky vegetables and a lot of flavor to boot. It’s cold so no reason to spend hours in the kitchen.
  2. Watermelon. They are juicy, water-rich melon that can replenish your body and satisfy like no other. Nothing cools you down in the hot weather more than watermelon.
  3. Grilled Vegetables. With all of the great summer produce available you can throw them on an indoor grill with a little olive oil spray. Vegetables like onions, peppers, squash and zucchini can all make great meals like grilled veggies with bleu cheese, pita sandwiches and breakfast frittatas.
  4. Can you say salad? Salads make the perfect summer meal because there is no need to have a recipe. You can slice, dice and toss with a dressing of your choice. That could not be any easier. Choose some low-fat cheese, use diced soy and some diet dressings and you will be eating in a matter of minutes. You can go one step further and use whole grains and beans.
  5. Do not skimp yourself on your beverage choices. You can go low calorie and even no calorie while maintaining your hydration and your fullness. One great beverage that can keep you full while refreshed is smoothie. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are a matter of throwing ice and fresh fruit into a blender. Careful though because calories can add up fairly fast. Beverages will keep us hydrated in the summer but will rarely make us feel full. Smoothies have that thickness to them that can sit in us for a period of time to give that full feeling longer. Some great drink ideas are:
    1. Floats. Root Beer or Orange can be very tasty and filling. All you need is some frozen yogurt (vanilla); one and a half cups of diet root beer or orange drink then blend.
    2. Spritzers are a great way to feel cool, refreshed and full as the carbonation creates that full feeling in our stomach. All you need is some tart sparkling water like lemon or lime, mixed with some fruit juice. Serve over ice.
    3. Starbucks is on the ball as well offering many skinny choices. All of which are good and not high in calories.
    4. Just like a tart spritzer you can also make a wine spritzer using white wine mixed with some lemon or lime flavored seltzer.
  6. Don't let your body go without dessert. Just make them fruit-based. Ignore those cakes and pies and instead try some grilled banana with diet ice cream, pineapple with a little rum and nuts; peaches, berries and honey is also very refreshing. There is no reason to starve your sweet tooth and doing so can just make you feel miserable.

Eating healthy in the summer can be a breeze. Just stick with it.

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