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Losing weight is a goal for almost everyone since the advent of the 20th century.  Because of the modern style of living almost everyone will be trying to shake off those few pounds or in the case of some people, they will be trying to shake off 25 pounds or more.  If you open any decent newspaper or a magazine, you will see many offers for weight loss, or dieting based on numerous methods.  This is perhaps because of the fact that the modern life includes lots of greasy fat foods and limited activity life style.  Thus, everyone hopes to lose weight and become physically lean by going through some sort of a diet.  However, this is harder than it seems as most diets and weight loss programs don’t work for everyone.  In fact most people end up gaining more weight than before with the diet that they stick with.  However, there are some diets that just aren’t for everyone and what works for someone may not work for everyone.  Thus, blood type diet is such a diet in which the person who is dieting will have their diet determined by their blood type.

This diet was formed from the fact that in the 1980’s it was formulized that a person who has a specific blood type will have a genetic disposition to certain foods.  This means that people with specific blood types were required to have a certain foods to be ingested if they didn’t want to get sick.  This study also further formulated that eating the wrong types of food would get into an adverse chemical reaction with their blood components and create adverse consequences that would ill effect their health.  This study also emphasized that the blood type was very important in determining that person’s disposition toward certain illnesses.

Thus, the blood type diet was formed by the basis of this theory.  In essence, you are supposed to eat certain foods based on your blood type.(like type A, type B, type AB or Type O).  Therefore, if you also diet based on your blood types, combined with an exercise program that fits your blood group, then according to the theory, you should lose weight steadily and surely.

With the blood type diet, you are first required to get your blood type checked out by a laboratory. (Of course most of us will already know our blood types from our driver licenses or our health insurance cards) Once your blood type is determined, you are put on a strict diet and an exercise program that you are not to deviate from under any circumstance.  For example, people with type O blood is more suited to eating meat type products as type O blood symbolizes a genetic disposition to meat eating and hunting.  It is a more older type of a blood coming all the way from times when mankind survived by hunting and eating meat alone. In this type of a diet, you are supposed to eat lots of meat in the form of pork, beef, or chicken and you are supposed to cut back on dairy products and grains of ay kind.  However, they are allowed to drink alcohol.

If you have an A type of blood (which is more common nowadays) you are under a strict diet to not to eat any type of meat products whatsoever.  You are supposed to be on a vegetarian diet without any meat and if possible without any dairy products. However, you are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits of any kind as much as you please.  In addition, alcohol is forbidden for type A blood types.

If you have a type B blood you can eat meat, but under no circumstances are you allowed to eat chicken.  You must stay away from all poultry products including eggs, but you can eat fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Also, you are not allowed to eat any grains or any foods that contain grains of ay kind whatsoever.  However, if you have a AB type blood group you can eat from everything although in limited amounts.

Of course, you are also required to exercise in this blood type diet.  Again even the exercises are determined on the basis of your blood type.  For example, if you have a type O blood, then you are supposed to do intensive aerobics exercise and for an extended periods of time.  However, for type A blood, it is recommended that they do meditation type exercises for maximum benefit.  

As you can see the blood type diet is a very strict program.  However, in our opinion it is not a good diet and it should not be used by anybody.  Although, it is based on a study, the study is un proven and it is not an established fact by the FDA.  In fact, many physicians are against this plan and they do not recommend it for their patients under any circumstance.  They find the diet based on blood type too limited and too strict and many physicians feel that it does not warrant the necessary attention to that person’s unique need.  They also state that it can also be very dangerous for the person to diet with an unbalanced nutritional plan.  Perhaps the only part of the diet that makes sense is the fact that you need to do exercises.  However, even that is limited in scope as it determines what type of an exercise that you can do, not on the basis of your body type and physiological requirements; but on your blood type only.  Again, this can be dangerous, juts determining the exercise that you should do by your blood type only.  So this diet is not recommended to anybody and even the American Dietetic Association states that this diet is not beneficial to the person who are undergoing it.  But if you are going to go through it, then you should definitely undergo it within the care of your personal physician at the least.

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