Bob Greene Diet

Losing weight is an important but a difficult event.  Especially nowadays, it has become much more difficult with all the fast food and fatty foods that are bombarding us every day.  However, if you want to lose weight for the right reasons then there are hundreds of weight loss programs that you can choose from.  Of course, there are some basic components that need to be present in a good weight loss program or a good diet.  Unless these components are present, a weight loss program can’t be considered as successful.  That’s why so many diets today are really just losers because they don’t give you the over an approach that you need for steady weight loss that there is to stay.  Probably that’s why in many diets you end up gaining more weight as soon as you leave the program.  A good diet or a weight loss program must make sure that you are eating controllably with a daily limited calorie intake, also you must be eating nutritiously, you must not eat before bedtime, and most importantly you must incorporate exercise and workout in to your life.  So actually, a good diet or a weight loss program must be a life style that you must incorporate and execute.  Any diet that doesn’t help you do this will make you lose in the end.  There are many weight loss programs out there for 7 days or 15 days but as soon as the diet is over, you end up gaining more weight than ever before.  But a diet with a life style will be with you during your whole life so that you can always keep your weight under control.  Unfortunately many celebrity diets are not life style diets and they are usually just fads that do not work.  However, the Bob Greene diet is a real diet a real weight loss program that incorporates all the good specialties in a reasonable diet.  It has helped many thousands of people like Oprah to lose their weight and keep it under control.

Unfortunately, the main component of the Bob Greene diet is discipline.  This is usually very hard for some people, but if you have some self discipline, then Bob Green diet does allow you to reach your desired weight and keep it there. The diet allows you to incorporate healthy eating habits along with plenty of exercise to help you lose weight and also to help you become healthier.  The first phase of the Bob Greene Diet is the easiest but at the same time the most important phase.  In the first phase, you must incorporate healthier eating habits into your life.  Even by doing this, the plan assures you that you will be able to stop gaining new calories and you will be eating healthier.

In the first phase of the Bob Green diet, you are instructed to drink at least 8 glasses of water or more every day.  Water is a very important component of life and it has many properties to help you live healthier.  The first thing about water is that it helps flush the toxins from your body to detox yourself.  This is very important for your health and for your weight loss goal.  The accumulation of toxins will always reduce your chances to lose weight for various reasons.  In addition, drinking water increases your body metabolism and thus higher metabolism rate means higher burning of calories.  So even by drinking water alone you can lose some weight or at the least keep new weight off.
In the first phase the other things that you have to watch out for in incorporating healthy eating habits is 1) Eating at least three times a day or more. 2) While eating you must chew your food slowly and without a hurry. 3) You must not eat before bedtime. 4) When you eat snacks, you should try to eat healthier snacks like a fruit or a granola bar or a slim shake.  As you can see from these rules, they are all promoted to good eating habits that can keep the calories off your body.  Also eating at least three times a day is very important.  This way if you eat regularly and frequently, you won’t have the chance to get hungry and splurge due to lowered blood sugar levels.  Of course, another important point to consider is the fact that your body will reduce its metabolism to counteract the effects of being hungry.  This is a primeval response that is embedded in our genetic codes.  So when your metabolism rate drops down, you burn fewer calories and your body will try to store more fat cells. Thus by eating frequently 3 or more times a day, you won’t give your body a chance to spike down its metabolic rate.  This will automatically cause your body to burn more calories whatever you eat.
In the Bob Greene diet, it is also important to keep the food triggers off the table.  This is perhaps an important psychological component of the diet.  For example, if you crave food when you see a Snickers Bar; then you must make sure that there is no Snickers Bar near your table or workspace so that you won’t crave food.  Also as the last important point in the first phase is the fact that you must take multivitamins every day in the Bob Greene diet.  This helps to keep your nutritional level in balance.
The Bob Green Diet recommends around 1700 calories per day.  This is a good value that allows you to lose weight and keep healthy at the same time.  The program finds target values like 1000 calories per day unrealistic and unhealthy.  In the second phase of the program, you are allowed to eat more restrictedly.  All types of soda drinks, fatty foods, sugary foods and white bread and white pasta are forbidden.

Of course, another main part of the Bob Greene diet is exercise.  Yu are encouraged to do 30 to 40 minutes of exercise every day, for three times a week.  In fact, a very rigorous exercise program is suggested; but it must not be forgotten that belly fat only goes away with exercise.  Over all, it’s a sound program that can work for you a life time.

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I give the diet a 5,I clicked a one in error.If followed per the diet, it is very filling and no hunger pains and increases your energy level. I'm doing with a high intensity work out, 4days week.
By: Bob McCall 10 years ago

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