Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet Review

When you look in the mirror and you see that you have put on a lot of pounds, then chances are that you will get depressed.  Becoming overweight or worse becoming obese is definitely something that can upset you.  In fact, as you can read from the many journals that are available today, you can see that being overweight can open the door to many diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure and many other illnesses.  So what should you do.  You know you must lose weight both for health reasons as well as aesthetic reasons; but how can you lose weight easily.  Well there are many diets and weight loss programs that you can try and perhaps you even have tried them all.  Unfortunately, because losing weight has become a very major industry, most of the diet plans out there require you to buy meal supplements or special pills or they expect you to eat expensive sea food to lose weight.  There is however, one weight loss method that you can try that doesn’t require too much expense and it is simple to prepare and to do.  What I am talking about is the Cabbage Soup Diet.  It is a very inexpensive diet that you can do easily and without too much effort.  There are no secret ingredients inside, just plain old cabbage.

In fact, the cabbage soup diet has been known and used since the 18th century.  Some people execute this diet just by boiling the cabbage and drinking its water raw, but the real cabbage soup diet is actually a little bit tastier than that.  You are required to make soup using one full cabbage, but inside you can put some celery, green peppers and some seasoning along with onions to make it taste better.  You are supposed to drink this cabbage soup couple of times a day, sometimes around 5 times a day.  This way the cabbage soup keeps your hunger levels down and you receive less than 1500 calories per day.  Actually, the magic is not in the cabbage, but in the fact that eating cabbage soup as your main meal is a very low calorie diet and thus it is effective in losing weight.

What happens is when you take so little calories, the body enters a special state in which your body burns most of its fat cells and converts them into energy.  This is mainly because, your body is not receiving the daily energy requirements from your daily meal, thus it has no chance but to convert your fat cells into the energy that it needs.  Thus if you look at it from a low calorie standpoint, cabbage soup diet is effective in reducing your weight.  In addition, cabbage may cause slight diarrhea and this can cause you to lose weight also.  However, extreme diarrhea can be a health hazard, so it needs to be monitored carefully.

The general aim of the cabbage soup diet is that you can lose up to 10 pounds per every seven days that you continue on this diet.  However, mostly it is recommended that you continue on this diet only for 7 days since it is a very nutritionally restrictive diet.  In the cabbage soup diet, you eat cabbage soup at least 5 times a day or more.  However, in the Cabbage soup diet you are also allowed some extra foods on certain dates.  For example, you can eat a potato on day two and a banana on day 4.  Especially on day 5 and day 6, you are allowed to eat some meat to get some protein.

In the cabbage soup diet, you are allowed to drink as much as fruit juices, as you want.  It is also recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of plain water every day. (It is also a very good health practice to drink plenty of water whenever possible.  It helps cleanse your blood of toxic and free radical materials).  However, drinking any sugary products and any type of soda is totally forbidden.  Another thing that you have to watch out for is the fact that any sweets, sugars are totally off your eating list.  Some other foods that you are not allowed to eat are pasta, white rice, cheese, and eggs.  Thus it is a totally calorie restrictive diet that aims in you getting as little as calories a possible while you lose those extra pounds.

Of course, many experts that recommend this diet insist that it is the cabbage that makes them lose the actual weight.  In fact, some experts of this diet recommend you to drink as much as cabbage soup as you can every day to really benefit from this diet.  There are some people who drink more than 11 bowls of cabbage soup every day just to lose more weight.  However, due to the low calorie nature of the diet and the low carbohydrate content in this diet does make it effective.  There are instances of people who have lost 10 pounds or more during this diet in the first seven days.

However, many critics are against this diet and even find it dangerous.  The reason for this belief stems from the fact that eating a diet based on mainly cabbage will cause your body to lose its nutritional balance and you may even wind up sick.  In addition, these critics also claim that you do not lose your body fat in the process but you rather lose your body water and your lean muscle tissue in these seven days.  Thus, there are some experts that don’t recommend this diet for health reasons, while some experts do recommend it because it gives relief from those extra weight fast.  Actually, the proponents of this diet say that no one can die of hunger and state that you have to lose body water before your body can start to burn your fat cells.  In fact, if this cabbage soup diet is used as a beginning to an exercise and general low calorie program, it can be effective way to start your weight loss program.

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Thyroid patient can use this soup?
By: tina 6 years ago
Thyroid patient can use this soup?
By: tina 6 years ago
im on the diet but feel really bloated, its day 6. on day 5 i had lost four lbs
By: fatty 10 years ago
gona try it today very nice article
By: anjali 10 years ago
I am on day 4 of the diet and alread lost wight. its amazing
By: Nina 10 years ago
cant wait 2 try the cabbage soup diet... rele wanna loose 20 bounds.. do u tink i cn loose dt much on dis diet if i keep up wit it?
By: Brianna 10 years ago
nice tips
By: sudhu 10 years ago
AWESOME!!!!!! I'm on this diet for only 3 days and I'm already seeing results.
By: fatBuTT 11 years ago
Not Bad! Not bad at all. Thanks! Wish I had bought it sooner.
By: Phillips 11 years ago
Good Advice. This diet is working for me as well.
By: Mark 11 years ago

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