Cardio Free Diet

The quest for losing weight can be a very difficult process that causes you a lot of pain along the way.  However, the need to reach a healthy state with a physically fit and lean body usually overrides this pain and you push yourself harder and harder so that you can lose the extra weight.  Of course, the quest for a physically fit and a normal weight body is a noble one, but unless you consider your options carefully, you can end up losing your health and ultimately your weight loss goals.  In fact, some weight loss programs just state ridiculous things so that you may think it is a very original and untried program.  They try to lure you away with promises of extreme weight loss in just a few days by eating or not eating certain foods.  They try to give the diet a magical quality to make it look like that the diet can accomplish more than it is supposed to do.  Because most overweight people have already tried desperate measures to lose weight with usually unsuccessfully, and they are lured in with these magical formula diets that promise salvation and thinness. Perhaps they even feel that they have nothing to lose with the new program.  But the bad thing is sometimes you can cause more harm than good with these magical formula diets. Unfortunately, cardio free diet is just this kind of a diet and it thus cause more harm than good in the end.
The originator of the Cardio Diet is Jim Karas the trainer for popular celebrities.  His famous words that mark the boundaries of this diet is ”Cardio Kills”.  He believes that cardiovascular exercises that are designed to be the endurance increasers, ends up suppressing your immune system and you probably end up not losing weight and your joints get damaged in the process.  Therefore, his main line is to stop doing the cardiovascular exercises and eat all you can to lose weight.
In the Cardio Free Diet, you are required to do resistance exercises and weight lifts for an activity.   Under no circumstance are you to do any running, bicycling using elliptical trainers, using treadmills or Stairmasters for exercise.  In this weight loss program, your whole world of exercise revolves around the resistance training and lifting.  However, you are required to do these exercises at least three times a week in order to be successful.
The diet in the Cardio Free Diet includes pretty much anything that you can think of except white bread, soda, juice, and fruits.  Besides these foods, you can pretty much eat anything that you desire to eat.  In fact eating meat and even eating lots of meat is actually encouraged in this diet.   Although it is suggested that you should not over eat in carbohydrates but besides that, pretty much you can eat anything that you want.
The Cardio Free Diet is divided into four phases.  In the beginning the maximum allowed calorie limit is 1200 calories but as the phases advance, you are allowed to eat and intake more calories per day.  Especially the fourth phase is designed to be more lenient and it is suggested that the fourth phase should be adapted as a life style that will help keep the weight off.
In general, although there is some minimal weight loss with this program. However, still it can’t be recommended.  In the cardio free diet, the approach against the cardiovascular exercises that keep our heart strong is obviously a hazard to our health.  If you ask any decent doctor, he will tell you that the first thing you should do is do some jogging, go on the treadmill and so cardiovascular exercises to keep yourself healthy.  Of course doing weight lift and resistance exercises can also be beneficial to your body, but in general a proper exercise program must be balanced and it must take your over al health in to account.  Thus, even for the exercise part alone, using the cardio free weight loss program can be unhealthy and pointless.  It is not based on any real evidence and it is mostly hear say and empty theories, which have prompted the statement “Cardio Kills”.
Of course, also the diet part is fruitless too.  Any good and decent program for weight loss must incorporate a fixes calories per day.  The medical community generally agrees that 1500 calories per woman and 2000 calories per man is the recommended amount of calories per day that you are supposed to take.  Thus this way any diet plan must not ask you to get more than these allotted calorie limits.  Of course, another important thing is the minimum required calories.  Any weight loss program that forces you to ingest less than 1000 calories can be very dangerous and thus you should stay away from it.  (So as a general rule minimum calorie that must be taken is 1250 calories per women and 1500 calories per man)
So the cardio free diet just violates the many health principles that must be maintained in a healthy weight loss program.  This is important and beneficial for your health.  This plan violates the calorie principle and it also violates the exercise principle.  Restricting your cardiovascular exercises is also bad and against common sense.  In the end, your main goal is to stay healthy while losing weight.  How can you lose weight and be healthy at the same time, if you are forbidden to do cardiovascular exercises.  Thus, this plan should not be used by any sensible person.  Of course, there may be some success stories concerning this plan but the medical community feels that the success is due to the genetically disposition of many different people who have participated in this plan.  Thus try to stay away from this plan and look for other sensible alternatives for a serious weight loss plan.  It will be better for your health and weight in the long run.

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