Chew your way to lose weight?

Chewing and Weight Loss

Do you find yourself many times eating too much? Trying every kind of diet and finding that they do not actually work for you? People focus so much on eating the right diet that they fail to look into how they actually eat.  Did you ever take the time to notice how you eat and how much you are actually eating? Try chewing your food until it turns into a liquid mush in your mouth before swallowing and you will see what I am talking about.

Most of you eagerly eat your food. Have you ever noticed how fast you can finish your meals? And that if you eat long enough, your body begins to tell you it is full already. We can't control what food we like but we can work on how we go about eating them. So why not try chewing your food for longer amounts of time? I am not talking about chewing your food 10-15 times but chewing them until they turn into liquid goo inside your mouth. Not only will this be a physical exercise for you, it will exercise your mental discipline too. Why? I know you want to swallow that delicious food so bad but why not chew it for longer and spread the taste in your mouth… making it linger. By disciplining yourself to chew your food for longer amounts of time, you will be giving your body ample amount of benefits! First, your body is able to more efficiently obtain nutrients in the food. Second, you will feel fuller while eating less. Thirdly, this makes allergies and toxins you induce less severe. Lastly, all these combined factors contribute to better longevity and eventual weight loss.

A medical study from Oita, Japan done recently showed the correlation between the speed of chewing and release of histamines from the brain. It was deduced that the slower and longer a person chewed their food, the more histamine the brain produced therefore lessening how much food a person actually takes in. The rate you chew your food affects how your brain interprets how full your stomach is.

Other hormones that affect your feeling of fullness like leptin, ghrelin and cholestokinnen take full effective ness at about 20 minutes or longer after you have ingested food. So by chewing your food longer, these hormones fulfill their duty of making you feel fuller by the time an hour has already passed. Many eat faster than their bodies can tell them that there is no longer enough space for the food to go. So if you eat your food too fast, the reason why you still feel hungry is that your brain and body doesn't know that your stomach is already stuffed. Call it a delayed reaction. Why not try it yourself and see? Eat slower and chew your food well and you will be amazed about how much less you actually ate.

The relationship is very simple. The more you chew and the slower you do it, the easier your body absorbs nutrients and the lesser you eat.  And when you eat less at every meal, the more you actually lose weight.

Proper food is very good but if you aren't able to absorb them or worse they turn into toxins even before they get absorbed, you don't get anywhere.

While eating the right food is good, not understanding how to eat it properly so it gets digested and absorbed will affect your health and your goal of weight loss. It all starts when you chew your food in your mouth. Saliva, which contains enzymes that metabolize your foods like Lingual lipase, breaks down fat even before it reaches your stomach.  The importance of chewing well becomes more apparent when you realize that the greater surface area of food that your saliva comes in contact with; the better your body digests and absorbs the nutrients. Another benefit is that since foods are broken down better, your stomach is less aggravated and food allergies become less likely. Another enzyme called salivary amylase works the same way with carbohydrates, turning them into simple sugars making it easier for your stomach to absorb them.

The order in which you eat your foods also contributes to good absorption. Foods that are not digested just rot inside either your stomach or intestines which cause allergies or inflammation. A good example would be how you digest protein.  Protein is difficult to break down. Eggs, fish, and yogurt which we often just swallow without chewing may just sit in your stomach and rot. The main reason why people get allergic to eggs is that they do not chew them enough. So many people do not realize that chewing your food well will aid in their digestion and their food allergies as well. That is why chewing food becomes very important.

If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle and wish to achieve weight loss in the long term, you need to eat the proper foods and learn to eat them correctly by chewing properly. When you are able to discipline yourself to chew food until it turns into a liquid mush inside your mouth, then you have succeeded in protecting your health. You will eat much less than you ever realized you could, you would be able to absorb all the nutrients you can absorb in your food, and you will feel younger and better since there will be fewer toxins in your body that come from digestion problems. Chew your way to better health! Start today.

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this is nice.
By: Manish 12 years ago
nice tip thanks a lot.......was luking 4 simple ways 2 loose sum kgs .hope it works 4 me
By: merlin 12 years ago
I wouldn't say that our parents really knew that it was beneficial for us to chew our food slowly I think they just didn't want us to choke on it lol
By: s. 12 years ago
Thanks for tips....I'll try it.
By: Sheetal 12 years ago
i wil try this
By: tsm 12 years ago
i will try this...good tip...
By: apple 13 years ago
I ll try this,tanks
By: Member 13 years ago
This is better than any diet, it is a life style and it works. chewing is also good for mind clarity and teeth. When you chew your face produces special moisture and oil making you look younger
By: idris 13 years ago
Its wonderful tips, it really effective way. Thank u so much
By: mansvi 13 years ago
Thanks! i found it very useful
By: Raj 13 years ago

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