Coconut Oil as a Dieting Aid

With the rise of fashionable diets and the so-called dieting "industry," prospective dieters are faced with a bewildering amount of information. In such a situation, it becomes extremely difficult to try to pick out the accurate information from the snake oil peddling. Somewhere among this mass of information, a potential dieter doing research is likely to find several statements extolling the benefits of coconut oil as a dieting aid. Some people who have not tried coconut oil may dismiss these claims, but people who know about and use whole foods understand that the claims are true. Actually, coconut oil is not just good for dieting. It has a host of other health benefits, as well. The following are some great reasons to try using coconut oil.

Firstly, it can boost your metabolism. This is because coconut oil is relatively rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which have been shown to be able to dramatically raise (by almost 50%!) your metabolic rate for all of 24 hours. This is especially good news for people whose metabolisms have taken a blow from stress or decreases in their food intake from dieting. Coconut oil can help restore a normal metabolic rate.

Secondly, it can help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Like the sugar in your blood, coconut oil can give your body energy. However, unlike the glucose, the oil does not throw your sugar and insulin levels out of whack. In addition, if you take in the coconut oil before you eat, you can actually dampen the effect of the meal on your sugar levels, thus preventing large swings in the amount of sugar in your blood.

Coconut oil can also get rid of infections like yeast and candida. Besides getting rid of embarrassing microbes, the disappearance of these growths will have a lot of good effects on your health. It turns out that these microorganisms can make you tired in both body and mind, and can open the door to other infections, too. Getting rid of them decreases your risk for these other symptoms. Furthermore, yeast and candida can also make you gain weight. Since the organisms feed off sugar, it benefits them when you consume more sugar, hence the cravings for sugary, carbohydrate-rich foods when you have these infections. By getting rid of these microorganisms, you are also helping yourself to lose weight.

Still, taking coconut oil while you have candida can have certain side effects, if used improperly. The action of coconut oil against the organisms is so intense that you may have headaches or chills. It is better to start with very small doses, and then increase these gradually.

With all these great health benefits, one cannot just lump coconut oil among the other fad diet tricks. Actually, the practice of using coconut oil for health benefits goes back centuries, if one examines its history in tropical countries. People who used coconut oil recognized its value and became very healthy. The product found its way to Western countries, and was actually in use for a while, until around the middle of the last century. Researchers studied hydrogenated coconut oil (which is very different from the unhydrogenated version of the product) and said it posed health risks. However, in recent years, more studies have been done, which have gone a long way towards removing the unjust accusations against coconut oil. This is part of why coconut oil seems to have suddenly become very popular in the past few years. It is not really a fad, but a health food with a long history, that unfortunately mostly disappeared from the West due to a misunderstanding.

If you would like to experience the benefits of taking coconut oil for yourself, recognize that not all brands are alike. The very cheap, common brands tend to have additives that lessen or eliminate the product's health benefits. In fact, the hydrogenated product that generated such a huge backlash several decades ago is still commonly bought and sold. Avoid such products, and do a little more digging to find the real, unrefined thing. The health benefits are definitely worth the extra effort.

Another is to take it carefully. Unlike other "natural" foods, it is not always advisable to simply take as much as you want; even if you do not think you have a candida infection. Coconut oil is very nutritious and packed with many compounds that affect your body. This is not to say that coconut oil is poisonous-far from it. However, the body may simply be unaccustomed to these compounds at the start, so it is a good idea to start small (perhaps with a teaspoon a day), and gradually raise the dosage.

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