Common weight loss myths

Do you think you know everything about losing weight? Then think again. There are just some myths that have been making some people believe these false claims. Let us identify those myths before they could sabotage your aim of losing weight.

Avoiding meals with crabs is the best way of losing weight.

This is not nutritionally proven. Instead, the best way of getting rid of your excess pounds is by eating lesser calories while still enjoying a diet that is both nutritious and varied. No specific food group should be avoided if you really want to lose weight without sacrificing your health. You just have to keep track of your calorie intake. While it would be fine to avoid some refined carbohydrates from time to time, foods such us pasta, bread, fruits and rice could be a part of your balanced and healthy diet.

You might want to try some complex carbs, like beans, whole grains, and over-processed foods like white bread if possible.

Your Genes would dictate you weight.

While there are scientific researches about the relationship of body weight on biological factors like genetics, this does not mean that you will be forever obese if your parents or grandparents are obese.

People who have a family history of obesity may be more vulnerable to gaining more weight that those who do not have traces of obesity. But then again, this does not mean that physical exercises and healthy diets will not work for you. Despite your traces of obesity in the family, it is guaranteed that the calories you eat and the physical activities you do will determine if you will be obese or not.

It's alright if you will switch from one diet to another.

You may try a lot of diets before you could actually find the right and suited diet for you. On the other hand, weight cycles or the yo-yo dieting (a term given to a situation where a person would repeatedly lose and then gain weight), is not a good idea, indeed. This situation could actually lead to health problems like gallbladder problems. It may also cause you some sort of depression.

You should also avoid engaging in “crash diets” which will cause you to have a drastic weight loss. It is more recommended if you will lose about one or two pound in a week because this is proven to be a permanent weight loss means.

You should avoid fats.

There are certain fats which could help you in your aim of losing weight. Of course, too much of fat in general could be linked to some diseases, like cancer. But then again, we all need some supply of fat in our body to keep us going.  Fat actually helps in the absorption of vital nutrients. Also, fat make us feel fuller shorter, which means we will eat less. Saturated fat and Trans fat meanwhile, are not recommended to be consumed but unsaturated fats are recommended. Enjoy foods such as nuts, fish, and olive oil.

You should skip meals to get rid of some calories.

Actually skipping meals is a cause of gaining weight since it would slow down your metabolism. Meal skippers, in fact, usually weigh more as compared to those who eat their meals at the usual intervals. The meal skippers’ tendency is to engage in binge eating which will make consume more food.

Instead of skipping meals, get rid of some calories from your meals by controlling their portions and having lower-calorie substitutes for the high-calorie foods you have in your usual meals.

Changing to fat-free foods will surely make you lose weight.

This is not always true. Having a pantry filled of low-fat foods and fat-free foods – like crackers, cookies, and salad dressing, -- does not necessarily mean that you can eat in whatever volume that you want. Just like any other foods, it is vital to have some portion control. Even if light versions have fewer dosage of fat than their usual counterparts, too often, they have equal – or even more – calories. Make it a habit to read then compare products’ labels before choosing between the two.

A strict diet can speed up your metabolism.

You cannot just change your own metabolism simply by obeying a diet plan; exercise is the best way of speeding up your metabolism. A too-strict diet can actually make physical activities more difficult for a person, or worse, impossible. For you to have energy in exercising, you should award some fuels to your own body. And food is simply the fuel that is needed.

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