Daily vitamin and mineral allowance

RDA means Recommended Daily Allowance. It tells us the amount of nutrients our body needs to prevent sickness caused by lack of certain vitamins and minerals.  Beriberi and scurvy are just some examples of these deficiencies.

DV on the other hand means Daily Value.  Almost all supplements include the Daily Value information in their labels.

Dr. Michael Janson, one of the leading authorities on precautionary and optional medicine said that RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance is just a guideline to educate people about essential minerals and vitamins our body needs and RDA is not designed to attain superb health or cure sickness.  Same information goes with DV or Daily value.

Our body needs vitamins and minerals and we have to base the amount of the nutrients depending on our daily diet.  We get several vitamins and minerals from different food groups that we take everyday and it is a must that we check the nutritional contents of all these foods so we could decide whether it supplies our body with the right nutrients.

Our bodies take different ways absorbing the food we eat.  Sometimes, we think that taking vitamins every day is enough for our body to get the nutrients it requires.  All the supplements we take provide our body with different vitamins and minerals; however, the fulfillment of these requirements is properly met by the correct absorption of these nutrients in our body.

How do we determine if our body properly absorbs nutrients?

It is important to know whether the supplements we take are properly absorbed by our body. Otherwise, we are just wasting time and effort not to mention money in all these vitamins.  Here’s a simple test you could do even at home:  

Get one tablet of your supplement and drop it in a glass of water.  Around 30 to 45 minutes, this tablet should start to dissolve and by 4 to 5 hours it should be completely mixed with the water.  If it happens accordingly, it means that your body absorbs the supplement. However, if it goes the other way around or if the supplement takes more time to dissolve, it is an indication that your body may not be getting the vitamins and minerals.  It is better to take supplements in a powder or liquid form because the body can easily absorb the minerals and vitamins; thus, your body meets the recommended daily requirement for these nutrients.  If the powder or liquid supplement is unavailable, the next option would be the capsules.  These capsules should be gelatin-free because these kinds of capsules are by far dissolved better by the stomach’s acid.  Nowadays, there are so many kinds of supplements in the market so be wary of those kinds in hard tablets because the body takes time to absorb them, or worse, they may even get out of your digestive system in one piece.
You are lucky if you think and feel that your body is getting the right recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals.

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