Do it yourself - At Home Exercises!

At Home Weight Loss Exercises

All you ever need to get a great workout to lose the weight and gain muscles are already yours.  Just believe in yourself and take the time to give yourself a good workout right in your own home!

This exercise targets your chest, arms, abdominals, lower back and butt. The large number of muscles being worked out when you do a push up burns a lot of calories. No wonder this exercise is well known and still used today.

The right form: Make sure your legs are straight and your arms are perpendicular to the rest of your body. Tighten your stomach and keep your whole body straight as you lower yourself until your chest touches the floor. Push back up in the same manner until you're back in position. Remember to breathe properly and not hold your breath as you exercise.

Squats work a lot of muscles all around your legs and parts of your upper body. In fact it is one of the best free weight exercises that burn a lot of calories. So you should keep this exercise part of your daily routine.

The right form: Stand straight and place your hands at the back of your head. Make sure you keep your balance and go as low as you can without arching your spine. Push yourself back up until you get back to your standing position. Breathe in while pushing up and exhale while going down.

This exercise compliments your regular push-ups. Not only does it help strengthen your back, it also builds up your endurance. Do as much of these as you can. You can do this exercise in two ways to maximize your repetitions.

The right form: Hold the bars with your palms facing away from you. You can either start with your body fully hanging from the bar or with your chin resting on the bar. Make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders. Pull up then return to your hanging position. Also try slowly going down resisting gravity and then pulling up once you're fully hanging.

Stair-climbers may be famous in gyms but you can get the same benefits if not more with step-up exercise! Do these exercise quickly and with proper form to maximize calories burned.

The right form: place your foot on an elevated step and push down using your heel while lifting your other leg. Return to starting position then continue doing this exercise until you complete a set before switching to the other leg. Repeat and complete the same set of reps on the other leg.

This exercise helps you stabilize your body while improving the core muscles in your body.

The right form: Position your body like you are about to do a regular push up only put your elbows under your shoulders. Make sure you contract your abs and hold them that way.  You should hold your shoulder blades back for 30 seconds and then bring them down. This goes the same for your abs. Hold them together for 30 seconds then relax.

One-Leg Romanian Deadlift
This exercise helps improve normal body movement. This is perfect for those who always stay seated on a chair all day. It improved flexibility and muscle strength of your legs.

The right form: Put your feet slightly farther apart than your shoulders while standing. Raise a food and stretch it behind you to its normal length. You should feel your butt, and abs muscles working. Maintain the natural arc of your spine and focus on your balance. Lower yourself and make your torso parallel with the floor. Your hips should naturally move back as you do this movement. Then push back up and return to your starting position.

This is one of the simplest exercises you could do. Even so, it works wonders with your back. Never underestimate simple exercises.

The right form: Put your back against the wall while standing and place your feet about 6 inches in front of it. Raise your hands over your head making sure you make contact with the wall. Move your hands back down in the same manner and bring your hands back to your sides.

T Pushup
This is a special kind of push-up that focuses on the stabilizing of your core with the use of rotation. Both of which will be good for your abs.

The right form: Place your hands shoulder-width apart. And do a regular push up. Once you return to the starting position, lift your right hand and make it reach for the sky while you raise your right leg and tuck it behind your other leg. Your body should form a "T".  Return to your starting position and also repeat with the other arm and leg.

V-Up and Roll
This exercise is a variation on crunches that reduces the stress on your back while maximizing the use of your muscles.

The right form: Lie down with your hands straightened above your head and not touching the floor making your whole body like a single line. Contract your abs and fold your upper body while lifting your legs off the floor. Stretch your arms toward your toes while keeping your back straight. Hold this position and then return back to your starting position.

Shoulder Press Pushup
This exercise allows you to strengthen your upper body without the use of heavy weights giving the same results.

The right form: a chair or bench should elevate your feet. Place your hands on the floor a hand wider than your shoulders. Put your hips in the air high enough so your body is almost vertical without you losing balance. Lower your head to the floor and hold that position. Use your shoulders and triceps to push yourself back to your starting position.

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