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Becoming overweight is a problem that is becoming more widespread every day.  In fact, for many millions of people in the world, being overweight is a fate that they can’t avoid or stop.  Many fad diets and popular weight loss programs just don’t work effectively and thus many people are forced to look for more and newer programs for weight loss success.  Of course, some of these weight loss programs are senseless while some of them may be dangerous.  However, only the small fractions of the weight loss plans that are sensible and that should work don’t create the necessary results, as it should have.  Sometimes even the best of the weight loss plans may not get you the results that you need, even if you follow them to the letter under your doctor’s supervision.
There has been extensive research on why some diets don’t for everybody.  However, with the advent of the holistic approach on the last decade of the 20th century along with the comeback of the psychological sciences as a solution to physical problems; lots of progress has been made on the weight loss front.  Thus, Dr. Phil’s Diet is such an approach that takes a holistic view for the weight loss problem and examines the psychological issues that may lead you to becoming overweight.  In fact, DR. Phil who is a psychologist suggests that unless these psychological blocks are removed to allow for emotional and spiritual recovery, a person cannot lose weight, no matter which program he is on.  Thus, these issues need to be addressed and solved before a sensible weight loss plan is implemented.  Of course, Dr. Phil also has a list for a daily diet that must be followed along with a frequent aerobics exercise program that must be followed by everyone while on a diet.
In Dr. Phil ‘ s Diet the first thing that is addressed is the psychological issues that force you to look for food as a solution to your emotional distress.  Thus, the roots of the emotional pain that has caused you to go after food is first addressed in this diet.  You are instructed to stop looking for food as a solution and look elsewhere or for another activity when looking for a solution.  Thus, you must stop choosing to be overweight and you must set yourself specific goals before you can move on to the other phases of your weight loss program.
Dr. Phil suggests that over eating is a response to emotional distress.  Thus, you must learn to be happy with yourself and you must be happy with the decisions that you have made.  Being in peace with yourself and accepting your decisions is the first way to go.  This inner peace must be attained by a focusing on the relevant issues that can help you understand yourself and it will help you set specific goals for your weight loss.  These goals may include specific things like “I will lose 15 pounds until I am only 100 pounds and I will not over eat to express myself”.  Dr Phil states that only by expressing these specific goals that are linked to specific psychological goals can cause you to be successful in your endeavor for losing weight.
In Dr. Phil’s diet, you must be focused on your goals.  It is the first part of your plan.  However, in this weight loss journey, you must make sure that you are surrounded by people who are capable of supporting you emotionally.   They must be able to remind you of your goals day after day so that you can stay focused on your weight loss program.
Although the greater emphasis is on psychological issues on Dr. Phil’s diet, still there are many other issues that are addressed.  Most importantly there is a diet that is recommend by Dr. Phil himself to obtain a low calorie but high nutrition meal.  In his plan he divides foods in two categories.  Some foods are labeled as high calorie and low nutrition foods while some foods are based on low calorie and high nutrition category.
While you are eating your meal, it is suggested in the D r. Phil Diet that you divide your plate into four parts. IN the first part, you are supposed to put meat products while on the second part of your plate must be reserved for the foods that have starch in them.  The third part of your plate must be solely reserved for vegetables and the fourth part can be vegetables or fruits depending on your choice.  In Dr. Phil’s diet eating meat is encouraged as getting a full nutritional meal with low calorie content is a serious goal in this program.  However, drinking alcohol is prohibited during any phase of the weight loss program.
Dr Phil’s weight loss program also recommends that you do identify the foods, which are acting as triggers for your eating habits.  By identifying these triggers, you can make sure that you do not have them around.  For example if apples or candy bars trigger the eating response then you have to identify it and make sure that you don’t have them around to create a distraction for you.

In general, Dr. Phil’s diet has sound principles that can help you in your quest to lose weight.  You will first confront your emotional issues that force you to eat to overcome stress and then you will have to focus yourself on your goals so that you are not distracted or sidetracked from your goal of losing weight.  You must allow yourself to focus and you must relieve yourself of any emotional pain that causes you to eat.  However, the diet and the exercise part is important too and by doing 30 minutes of aerobics exercise every day for 5 days a week and by sticking to the high nutrition but low calorie diet, you can make a difference in your weight.  However, the supplements that are recommended in the diet plan can be expensive.

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I noticed Dr. Phil did some shows on animal torture. Touching! How does Dr. Phil, on the other hand, reconcile his on support and encouragement to rape, torture and slaughter millions of animals every day for his diet?
By: Charlie 10 years ago

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