Eating Disorders

Health is perhaps the topic of the day for many people in their daily lives.  To remain healthy one must see to it that they eat properly. Eating is the most essential way of staying healthy. However, here again over eating does not mean that you will stay extremely healthy but you are rather more likely to fall sick. The best diet is a proper well balance routine of food which you can intake about three times a day. With a proper breakfast lunch and dinner you would not need any other source of supplement as these three will provide you with the entire nutrient you need. Of course what you take for your breakfast lunch and dinner again will show how healthy you are. If you have eating disorders then you are properly living a lonely and miserable life.

Food ever since the ancient times has been one of man’s biggest pleasures. The society was formed many years ago with people gathering food together.  This brought the people from various regions together. Food was so important in man’s world that it divided the society according to the eating habits of the people. In many religions food is considered God. Therefore to disregard food is something that is shunned throughout the history of mankind. However in today’s world it is more than common. Due to the busy and the fast pace of life, people have no time to eat as grandly as they did before. They try to compensate for the nutrients lost in this schedule of work with supplements which most of the time harm them rather than cause any good. Without proper food a person get sickly and irritable and cannot carry out his tasks properly. If the person does not have any relaxed feeling for food then he or she becomes extremely stressed. This shows how important part of life food is.

Stresses due to eating disorders generally tend to lead to other stresses that are forming in the human body. These multiple stresses can compound with each other and break a person down. And all this because the person did not eating properly. Eating disorders also lead to formation of various gasses in the body. This causes stomach pain and other severe disabling pain in the body that cause great discomfort to any person. If the remedial measures are not taken then at one point the person even may have to be hospitalized. To work on a hungry stomach or an unhealthy stomach is a nightmare. People who know what is good for them take very good care of their stomachs. Even with slight discomfort and pain they tend to seek medical attention immediately. Eating disorders do not just affect you directly. When you see someone else developing an eating disorder then you will easily fell angry and irritated. You will be confused not knowing what to do. This is because to see someone you love slowly detonating themselves for just not following a regular eating pattern or due to unhealthy eating habits will disturb you a lot. And this is not even their fault as they don’t have the time due to their busy lives.

Eating disorders can affect any and all. But there are certain things that should be very clear about eating disorders in a person’s mind. Eating disorders are not just common in children but they are very much a fact in adults too, but it is not an epidemic disease. It is a physiological condition of the mind over the body and it can very much be cured. It does not mean that if a child is having eating disorder he or she is going through his teenage phase. This is a wrong thinking on the part of the parents. Eating disorders should be taken seriously at the early young age before it leads to trouble in the future for the child. The best way to cure eating disorders would be to prevent it from being there at all. However in adults, eating disorder does not come from poor parenting. A person can fall into unhealthy eating habits voluntarily and involuntarily due to various reasons. This can include his job, his locality or just his negligence. A perfectly healthy child can attract eating disorders when he is living alone away from home. This is actually one of the major causes of eating disorders. To live alone without anyone to take care of you will tend to put you in negligence about your food habits. This will develop a random eating disorder be it malnutrition or obesity.

Eating disorders have been around for centuries together now. There is no miracle cure. As observed through time eating disorders do not come from diets. In fact diets are healthy. But it is also true that people who diet severely hoping to gain the perfect figure develop eating disorder more than people who go on a healthy moderate diet. Also people who do not diet are at a less chance of developing any eating disorder than the people who do. However people who do not diet are more likely to develop the most common eating disorder that is obesity. The affects of obesity are many and will force the person to go into diet if he or she wants to avoid the effects. However the person should be careful not to make immediate changes in the food patterns. This can cause disorders in the body. The best change is a slow and progressive change towards a healthy and balanced meal routine. This is true even for people who do not eat regularly. Sudden change to fully fledged three course meals a day will more likely have them put on weight.

Eating disorders are curable and require more physiological support than anything else. Communications with dieticians and doctors will help you solve eating disorders. The most important thing that you should do is accept that you have an eating disorder and work towards solving the problem with dedication and consistency.

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