One of the biggest disadvantages of the thousands of diets and weight loss programs that are flooding the market is the fact that they are essentially all the same.  In fact, most of these diets or weight loss programs in the world are celebrity diets or celebrity weight loss programs.  This means that they are not designed for the real people,  but rather for celebrities who lead a very different life style and these celebrities are not really overweight or obese to begin with. So how could any celebrity diet or a weight loss program work for someone who is 20 or maybe 80 pounds overweight and who doesn’t lead a celebrities life.  Then you can see that it is no wonder that hundreds of these diets don’t work and many thousands of people end up looking for other diets and weight loss programs.  Thus the multibillion dollar weight loss sector gets bigger and bigger every day, while no real solutions are really created for those with a weight problem.

However, amidst all this gloomy news, one real diet and a weight loss program that works exists.  In fact, it is one of the few diets that are endorsed by the American Dietetic Association as a workable diet that is fit for all without any reservations.  The miracle diet that really works for everybody is the eDiets.  In fact, the power of the eDiets comes from the fact that it is exactly suited to your needs and thus it is a personalized plan that takes your body into account.  eDiets utilizes the greatest power of communications on the planet: the Internet.  Thus, by using the Internet, you are able to get an individualized weight loss program and you are able to continue on that program with all the support that you receive online 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  In fact, this is an important point, because with eDiets, you are not restricted to a single plan that just tells you to eat a carrot and a cauliflower for breakfast.

With the eDiets, you have to first sign up on the website to start your weight loss journey.  You input your various information such as your age, your sex, your physical background, your eating habits, your life style habits, your exercise habits, and any special information about you that describes who you are.  Even your feelings are taken into context to create a workable profile about you.  This profile is then used to create a customized eDiet and Weight Loss plan that is just suited for you.  Thus for a very small fee, you have a custom made diet formalized from the 20 various available diets that is designed to work just for you.

Once your goals are set and your diets are recommended, you are given a daily diet that you must follow every day.  However to make your life easier, you are provided even a readymade grocery lists, so that you can just print your grocery list and go shopping to buy the ingredients that you need. The eDiets are also designed to be non restrictive.  This allows you the feeling of relative freedom and stops you from going into the syndrome of being in a diet prison.  In fact, you are allowed to eat anything from cheese to pasta and there are no real restrictions on foods, unless they are extremely fatty foods like the skin of chicken or full fat dairy products.  The main idea here is to have a diet plan that can incorporate all foodstuffs albeit in moderation.  This way you are still able to taste your favorite foods, but in strict control of course.  This flexibility of eDiet also gives you the ability to dine out unlike most diets that are available today.  In fact, eDiets has a dining out guide that lists many of your favorite foods that you are allowed to eat in a restaurant.  Whether you want to go to Burger King, Pizza Hut, or even TGI Fridays; it doesn’t matter as long as you are on the eDiet program.  You can just print out the menu items, order and enjoy yourself.

Of course, in the eDiets, you are also focused on a special exercise and fitness program that is suited specifically to your life style.  eDiets recognizes the need to exercise in a healthy weight loss program and thus suggests exercises and workouts that are especially suited to your life style.  You may be given exercises that you can do for only 20 minutes a day and its rigor depends completely on you.  The exercises and the workouts are especially planned so that you can do them anywhere and anytime.  Also in the web site, you can see various demonstrations of the exercises that you are supposed to do.

The most important component of the eDiets probably comes from the extensive peer support and counselor support that you are able to receive through the Internet.  You can easily go online and lose yourself in various forums that describe different aspects of weight loss.  In fact, you know that you are not alone and that there are 2 million people out there sharing the same goals out there with you in this diet.  You can listen to podcasts about weight loss and you can share your experiences with a whole community out there.  There are also various online tools that you can use to track your progress as well as track your vital physical signs like blood pressure.  In addition, through the Internet or by using the phone, you can have one on one live consultation with a nutrition expert or a fitness expert to help you get back on the track, if the need arises.

So, eDiets has everything in a weight loss program that you need to lose weight and to stay healthy. You get a customized diet plan that is suited for your needs and you also receive an individual workout plan to follow.  You always have 24 hour online support from peer groups, forums and even from “one on one consultations” from an expert.  The best part is that not only is this diet suited for everybody, it is also affordable by any body.  So unless you have lots of money, time and hope to spend, then eDiets should be the first and the last diet that you will ever need.

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