Excess Body Fat - The Silent Killer

Although misguided - the main reason why people want to lose weight and to more properly manage it is for purely egotistical reasons. There are far more pressing matters to consider than simply how you look. Although we live in a very visual world there is no reason why we cannot look fantastic while maintaining a healthy lifestyle because without it we will just fade away.

Losing body fat plays an important role in your good health and aids you in fighting off diseases. Being overweight, particularly obese, is a severe threat to ones long life and overall health. Sadly, one out of three Americans are overweight. That is a dangerous number and one that severely needs to be rectified.

Reducing your body fat increases your chances at living a longer, happier and healthier life. The diseases that increase with your weight are heart disease, diabetes and cancer. According to the health council more than 82% of these cases are attributed to your lifestyle - particularly being sedentary, or not all that active.

When you are overweight you use a lot more energy to breathe than people that are smaller than you. Your heart has to work double time in order to make all of the blood go through your lungs then through all of the excess fat in your body. Due to this extra activity inside your body your heart can become larger which will result in high blood pressure as well as irregular aortic rhythms.

Besides, all these larger people still have to worry about higher levels of bad cholesterol. These high levels of cholesterol will cause your body to essentially revolt against you and make you susceptible to a whole slew of medical issues that can include a narrowing of the arteries due to plaque known as arteriosclerosis. This disease can certainly threaten your life. Essentially your arteries are getting smaller and smaller which makes it very hard for your blood to push through your arteries. Blood clots can form and your heart could literally explode from the pressure. Other variances do exist and you can find your kidneys and brain also deprived of blood. This can be prevented by losing weight.

Being overweight has been linked to cancer causing cells as well as fat is a storage place for harmful carcinogens. Men and women are both equally open to this side effect of obesity. In women the cancer is likely to form in the fatty tissue of the breast and in men it can form in the colon and pancreas. Diabetes is also another side effect shared by both men and women. As if cancer and diabetes was not enough there is also high blood pressure along with heart disease - all of which can be fatal.

There are many people who use being overweight as an excuse to be lazy. They will also make many excuses as to why they cannot work out or eat healthy. The chief reason that they give for not doing it is the time. They do not have time to eat right or exercise because life has gotten out of control and they simply do not know what to do. That is a hollow excuse. There are many people who are just as busy if not more so than others and they still have the time to eat well and work out. Go to sleep an hour earlier or wake up an hour earlier. You can work out then and it will not cut into your normal routine and you will find that you will be able to get through the day a lot easier than you had before. It is a sad fact, when you use your children or your job as an excuse for letting yourself get to the point where your excess body fat could kill you.

Lucky for you it is not all lost for you and death can, in fact, take a holiday. There happens to be some wonderful news and that is that by losing weight you will cause your body to get shocked back into the real way of working - the way it was meant to. It was designed to be an efficient tool to burn energy, store it and expel it. You can recharge it by eating the right foods as well as lose weight the same way. It is not a hard process but it does take time and a commitment from you to say enough is enough and you need to change.

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