Exercises for serious weight loss

If you want to achieve a desirable and healthy body, exercise is the answer.  By doing it every day, you are on your way to successfully losing weight and achieving your desired body weight.

But, how serious are you in motivating yourself in weight loss plan?  The couch looks enticing and who would want to get on their feet when they have their favorite movie on TV or book lying around the corner.  During these instances, exercise seems to be a burden!

If you experience this problem, you should keep in mind that motivation is the key.  What are the benefits you can reap through exercise?  Is the result worth all the pain and time you give?

If you want to get rid of those fats that are bulging in every corner of your body, there is no other solution than exercise.  Through exercise you lose a certain amount of fat and large muscle groups become leaner.  When you exercise you will find yourself crave for foods; but there is no need to worry about gaining weight as long as you exercise regularly and limit yourself to healthy diets.

It would be good to do aerobic exercise in the morning before you eat breakfast.  This way your body burns more fat and it will even continue to burn fats throughout the day if you know the correct exercise program.

Exercise can be done in different ways and its results vary with each person.  However, to achieve a long term result you must indulge not only in these exercises but be sure to engage in a disciplined diet and good lifestyle.

Exercise programs that promote weight loss cover four characteristics:

  1. Increase heart rate through enough aerobic
  2. Exercises should be done in at least three days per week
  3. Exercise should include the legs and arms and other groups of large muscles
  4. Target 300 calories per exercise, which could be equated to four days per week or 200 calories each session.

Here are some examples of 30-minute activities and their caloric loss based on the average 154-pound person:

  1. Running 5 kilometers per hour burns 294 calories
  2. Bicycling around 12 kilometers per hour burns 354 calories
  3. Walking up to 3 kilometers per hour burns 126 calories
  4. Swimming fast using freestyle burns 273 calories.

Now that we have studied the benefits of exercises, next thing we need to know is the different kinds of physical activities that could be classified as Body Exercises.  Some of these activities can be done alone or with the help of a professional or physical therapist.

  1. Isotonic Exercise- This focuses on muscle movements, which are intended to increase their length.  By performing isotonic exercises, conditions and heart circulation increase.  Examples of these exercises are legs, arms and back stretching and bending.
  2. Aerobic Exercise- This type of exercise conditions the muscles as well as increases the heart rate.  As the muscles are strengthening, your body burns more calories that promote weight loss.
  3. Range of Motion Exercise - This type of exercise promotes joint and ligament mobility by extending and bending some parts of the body.  This is done by staying in one position for a period of time.  Examples of this type of exercise are sitting and standing.  This exercise is good to practice before engaging to aerobic exercise.
  4. Resistance Exercise - this exercise involves muscle group movement against resistance.  Resistance exercises strengthen the body.  One example of this type of exercise is weight lifting.
  5. Isometric Exercise- Muscle tension increases without any movement of the joints. This exercise is good if you are frequently experiencing joint pain or if you had been in a cast due to injury. 
  6. Ambulation Exercise- This exercise includes walking.  This is a good way to burn calories, strengthen muscles and improve heart condition.

If you have mastered several of these workouts, it would be good if you would combine at least 2 activities along with the Isotonic Exercise.  Aside from daily exercises, you can help your body lose weight by walking instead of driving or by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Along with daily exercises, your body needs the right foods which provide protein, minerals and vitamins.  The goal here is not just to lose weight but to replace fats with lean muscle mass.  Do not be mistaken by believing that food is an enemy.  Skipping meals or starving is not the answer to losing weight; it actually allows the body to store fat instead of burning it.

People have different body types thus there are also different exercises that fit each health condition.
For people with health conditions - if you are an obese person or if your family happens to have the history of heart disease, you will need a specialist to evaluate your health in order to decide the correct exercise for you.  Strenuous activities are unlikely for people who suffer degenerative joint disease.  Activities that are less stressful are more advisable.  Such activities are walking, bicycling and swimming

Some aerobic exercises involve large muscle and increase heart rate.  They can decrease blood sugar and increase the insulin sensitivity.  Your blood pressure also decreases as your strength for physical activities increases.  If you are diabetic, you have to monitor your blood sugar every now and then as you engage in a consistent exercise program.  While you exercise, make sure that a doctor is always nearby and that he keeps an up to date record of your condition.  Your doctor may also recommend a change in your mediation or insulin but after quitting the weight loss program, you should be ready for another adjustment to your medication.

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walking is the easiest,set ur own pace
By: heather 10 years ago
whats the best beginger exercise for the beginner??????
By: juanita 11 years ago

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