Fasting Facts

Fasting Facts

Fasting during this contemporary age

Different cultures and religions have been using fasting as a sign of their faith, penitence, and spirituality. Even in politics this has been used as a form of protest. While many use fasting as a part of their rituals and culture some peoples use fasting to cleanse their body or lose weight even if this is rather dangerous and ineffective. Experts say our bodies naturally expel toxins and that fasting may only make our bodies gain more weight rather than lose them in the long run. Fasting also doesn't necessarily mean not to eat anything. Some fasting diets make people eat only raw food for a few days or restrict what kind of food you should eat. In Some diets only water, tea, or juices should be taken in. Most fasting diets only limit your calorie intake rather than do away with food outright. So you have to gauge what fasting means for you.

Will fasting help you lose weight?

Fasting makes your body go into a natural cycle where it slows your metabolism and uses your body's reserves in order to keep it going. Your body conserves its energy and does its best to keep your systems functioning. Your body is now able to store more energy when you finish your fast. As a result of this, you may gain more weight when the fast is over.

Why is this? Your appetite decreases as you fast but once you start eating, your appetite will dramatically increase and this may lead to you feeling hungrier and eating more.

Studies have shown that although fasting helps people lose weight, it is not effective in the long run because this kind of diet cannot be maintained.

Does fasting detoxify the body?

There have been many claims of this benefit but no evidence has been found to support this. There is also the question, "Does the body need to be detoxified?" The body has many natural processes that remove toxins from the body, such as sweating and bowel movement. Our liver, colon, and kidneys work round the clock to cleanse our body of impurities.

Can fasting help you live longer?

Medical studies from both mice and human show the relationship between calorie intake and long life. One study showed that restricting the number of calories decreased the signs of aging. It also was shown to delay age-related diseases from developing. However, it is still uncertain if fasting alone can make you live longer or if you would have to radically change to a healthier lifestyle. Still living healthy is the best way to live a longer life.  More studies on the effects of fasting need to be done in order to ascertain whether fasting or a combination of lifestyle changes are responsible for improved life span.

How safe is fasting?

Generally, fasting for a short period of time will not hurt you as long as you take the proper amount of water. People who fast for long periods of time though are at risk. Your body will not be able to maintain the proper amounts of energy, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs to function. Depriving yourself of these things may result to fatigue, dehydration, dizziness, and even increase susceptibility to cold. Some people actually die from fasting.
Fasting is not recommended to persons who have ailments such as diabetes and other chronic diseases. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, this is also not recommended. If you are planning to do any diet that requires fasting, consult first with your doctor or dietitian. That way, you could maintain a healthy eating plan and not strain your body with the fast.

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