Fat Smash Diet

If at the last checkup your doctor tells you that you are 20 pounds overweight and you need to lose it fast, then you will probably be depressed.  You can see from all around you that there are millions of people who are trying to lose weight without success.  Many of them are hopelessly trying out celebrity diets and so called “miracle weight loss programs”. You are probably distraught saying to yourself “Oh My God, I am one of them now”.  You probably feel hopeless and you just don’t know which weight loss program to try.  They all sound similar, but some of them may have outrageous claims.  You don’t know how much to reduce your calorie and you don’t know what to do etc.  Well there is a good diet, which is suitable for most people out there.  It is also a suitable diet for your pocket, as it doesn’t require you to buy meal supplements like Nutrislim or Medifast diets.  You can go to the grocery store and just buy what you need based on the diet program.  This diet is called the Fat Smash Diet and although it is not a miracle diet; it is a diet that has been shown to work with some commitment and discipline on your part.

Although the Fat Smash Diet has its origins in a celebrity show at V H1 where celebrities competed against each other to lose their weight; it has transformed itself from a celebrity diet to a serious diet that is suited for the common people.  The Fat Smash Diet has all the necessary components of a good and sound diet that can be used to lose weight and keep healthy at the same time.  Just like any other healthy diet, the Fat Smash Diet emphasizes calorie control, lowered carbohydrates, fiber rich fruits and vegetables, and eating frequently during the day.  However, most importantly in the Fat Smash Diet, daily exercise holds a very important portion of the weight loss program.  This is very appropriate as any good diet or any decent weight loss program must incorporate routine exercise into its plan.

In the Fat Smash Diet, the first part starts with a detox phase.  The detox phase lasts for 9 days and it is one of the most important phases of the program.  The diet suggests that it is essential to detox your body and flush its toxins out so that you can have a more clear body to respond to the weight loss changes.  In the detox phase, you must drink lots of water (around 10 glasses of water everyday) and you must do it every day.  Water is the nature’s most powerful detox agent as it removes the toxins and the free radicals from our body.  In the detox phase, it is also recommended that you do not eat any meat products whether it is chicken, pork, meat, or even fish.   The meat products are always harder for our body to digest, so in these 9 days of detox, you abstain from meat.  In addition, drinking alcohol of any kind is also prohibited.  During the detox phase, the emphasis is on the fiber rich fruits and vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, apples etc.  Also in the detox phase, you are supposed to eat frequently to increase your body’s metabolism.  Although the detox phase may be difficult for some, and although it requires discipline, you should take care and go through the phase.  It is very important part of the program and according to the philosophy of the Fat Smash Diet, its success is dependent upon it.

After you complete your detox phase, you proceed to phase two.  In this phase, again there is a list of foods that are not allowed in any case.  Absolutely no junk food or fast food of any kind is to enter your stomach at any time.  In addition, white bread, cheese and coffee along with alcohol is absolutely forbidden.  This is just plain impossible and it is important that you adhere to the guidelines.  In the phase two of the Fat Smash Diet program, some meats like lean chicken or broiled fish are introduced in to your diet along with some dairy products that you can eat.  But you are requested to stay away from alcohol specifically.  Also in this diet, the main portions must be smaller.  This means that if you are eating grilled chicken, it must be around 3 ounces.  If you are eating a pancake, it must be a single serving pancake topped with fresh fruit.  If you are eating vegetables, there must be 2 servings of vegetables.  Thus, it is stressed in the Fat Smash Diet, that everything should be eaten in moderation.  The emphasis on all parts of the Fat Smash Diet is on eating more and fresh fiber rich vegetables and fruits.

Of course, besides the Diet part, exercise is a very important component of the Fat Smash Diet.  You are required to do 30 minutes of exercise every day, so that you can keep fit.  It is important to exercise as it has been proven that exercising is important in losing belly fat.  There is no other mechanism that can get rid of belly fat in a weight loss plan.  The exercises are planned for five days a week, so it is a continuing endeavor.  As the phases progress in the weight loss plan, you are then required to uptake your daily exercise into 40 minutes per day and six days a week.  In the Fat Smash Diet, exercise is stressed to be an important part of your healthy and weight free life style.

So as you can see, Fat Smash Diet is an important weight loss program that can really work.  There are no expensive meal supplements to buy.  However, you do need to be disciplined and focused on your weight loss program.  Exercising and detoxing may be hard for some people, but it is the healthy way to lose weight.

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my weight is 85 how i can lose weight. plz give me some tips.
By: ritu_s 9 years ago
my weight is 54 how i can lose weight.What is the solution
By: Nicole 11 years ago

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