Five Factor Diet

One of the most common problems today in the United States is definitely being overweight.  Recent statistics show that over 60% of Americans are overweight and over 40% of Americans are obese.  This is quite sad actually, as these ratios are unfortunately getting higher every day.  Thus to counteract this problem it’s easy to find hundreds and even thousands of diets and weight loss programs in the world.  Some of these weight loss programs involve using fat burning pills, weight loss pills, weight loss shakes, weight loss belts and just about everything that you can think of.  Unfortunately, out of these hundreds and perhaps thousands of weight loss programs or diets only a handful of them work to give you meaningful results.  Also another factor that one needs to consider is the fact that most of these diets or so called weight loss programs make you end up gain more weight than before, as soon as you get off the program.  .However, there are some legitimate diet and weight loss programs that do work and Five Factor Diet is actually one of them.

For a weight loss program to work, it’s important that certain traits are shared and certain guidelines are followed.  These traits include such principles as “No work No Gain” and “NO Calorie No Gain”.  If you are going to lose weight, you have to have a controlled eating habit and you have to do planned and controlled exercise to lose the calories and thus the weight that you have already gained.  This means that in any program that you choose for losing weight, it must incorporate these basic principles.  Fortunately, the Five Factor Diet really does work as it is in conformance with the weight loss principles and standards mentioned above.

One of the advantages of the Five Factor Diet is definitely the fact that it is actually built as a lifestyle.  This makes it easier for you to adapt and in fact, it helps you keep the weight off, even after you leave the program.  In essence, five factor diet involves eating five meals a day continuously and in fixed intervals.  It is an advantageous diet as you get to eat before you are hungry to control your hormone and insulin levels.  This way your body is taught to survive on smaller amounts of food ingested in regular periods.  This is perhaps why this Five Factor Diet is so advantageous, as it doesn’t allow you to get hungry with its five meals a day program.  In fact, all of the meals are prepared with five basic ingredients and as a principle, these meals do not take more than 5 minutes to prepare.  It is especially suitable for people who have a very fast living life style and for those who do not have too much time.  Of course, another important factor is the fact that this Five Factor Diet doesn’t require you to buy complex and expensive ingredients, shakes like in the Medifast Program.  Thus, it is a relatively inexpensive way to diet.

Five Factor Diet is of course not just dependent on the Five Meals a day diet.  It is also dependent on getting 25 minutes of exercise every day.  This is an important point as a weight loss program that doesn’t incorporate some exercise in it is actually bound to fail.  Of course, also a successful program will have to balance the fact that you cannot force the dieter to exercise too rigorously especially if that person is obese.  In the Five Factor program, you are supposed to exercise five minutes per exercise for a total of five exercises per day.   Thus, it comes to 25 minutes of exercise per day which is not all that bad and it is an amount of exercise that anyone can do. This 25 minute exercise must be performed diligently for 5 days a week.  As it can be seen, the Five Factor Diet is dependent on a factor of fives throughout the whole program.  Of course, probably some of it is to make the diet program more popular and cooler looking, but one can’t even criticize that as a person must “buy” the weight loss program in their mind for it to be successful.  However, in general the Five Factor Diet is a plan that works, especially if it is done properly.  The set period of time for the Five Factor Diet is as you may have guessed “Five Weeks”.  But of course, if you are satisfied with the results you can always adapt the life style and continue to exercise five exercises per day for five minutes each and for five days a week.

It must be mentioned that as a final bonus, you get five cheat days in five weeks in the Five Factor Diet program.  This is actually something nice, as all dieters will want to cheat now and then.  This actually incorporates your psychology so that you don’t feel as if you are in “diet prison.”  In these cheat days, you are allowed to eat anything that you want.  This is perhaps also important, as being strictly controlled is one of the ways that most legitimate diets fail.  Cheating is unfortunately a major characteristic of the human psyche and thus this Five Factor Diet program incorporates this human trait so that you can feel more focused on your weight loss goals with the occasional cheats now and then. (Five times in five weeks).

So this is a program that really works, as it has all the essential factors of a legitimate weight loss program.  It has eating less, eating frequently, eating low calorie, eating as tasty as possible (without compromising the diet plan of course), exercising frequently but not too rigorously, and last but not least cheating occasionally to relieve you of “dieting stress”.  However, one major problem that must be cited concerning this Fie Factor Diet program is that it mostly targets slightly overweight people and it will not be a short term speedy weight loss program for obese people.  However, if it is adopted as a life style, this program can really keep the weight off and make you feel lean and fit.

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