Five moves to flat and sexy abs

Maybe you are already tired in pinching an inch or two. Now here is a new way to achieve the desired abs and get firmest and leanest torso of your dream. As you age higher, achieving the desired waistline is getting harder because even if you do not gain weight, you store more fat in the middle part of your body than in any other parts. But there is no way contesting the situation by just sitting down. You will have to settle first your weaken muscles and trim down the fat around them. To tighten the torso, follow the 5 five fundamental exercises and slim it down further by adding more cardio in your week.

According to the researches, the most effective way of trimming the abs is giving your week a healthful eating and accumulating 60-90 minutes of physical activity in most days. This does not mean that you have to increase your workout sessions. You just have to increase your physical activity. Physical activities do not only include exercise but also the ordinary chores that you do in your everyday life such as household chores. You can also divide the activities in shorter periods all through the day.

One proven way of getting a flatter abs is the regular exercise. So if you want to get the desired waistline in as soon as eight week, commit yourself to a regularly and follow these fundamental moves.

Exercise 1
Position: Side lying position
Slowly bring your upper torso up until you reach a 45 degree angle. Once your upper thorax is up, slowly pull it back down.

Exercise 2
Position: Supine position
Lie down facing up the floor. Slowly bring your upper thorax up and bring up your knees simultaneously towards your chest and slowly put them back to the original position.

Exercise 3
Position: Long sitting

Sit down with your legs straight on the floor; put your hands at the back of your head. Slowly contract your abs while pulling your upper thorax down the floor.
Firstly, begin by doing exercises number 1, 2, and 3 in one repetition and hold each move for about five to ten seconds. Level up by holding the moves for 30 to 60 seconds and then further level up by doing 3 sets for every hold. When you already feel fatigued strained, you may rest for a while. Do exercise number 3 by performing a set of 6 slow repetitions on each side and level up to 3 sets slowly.

Remember to do this activity for four to six days every week.

Go after these recommended moves or let your body adjust and gradually level up to similar exercises that is Follow the recommended moves, or adapt them as needed to suit your fitness level by shifting on a similar exercise that can be more challenging or is easier.

Take your recommended dose of cardio by blending your work-out activities with high- and low- intensity physical activities to add up to the 60 to 90 minutes requirement. These activities may be as simple as playing tag with your kids, taking a brisk walk, shooting hoops, dancing, jogging round, taking a fitness class or using a stair stepper or an exercise bike.

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