Foods that burn fat

Summer! It is one of the most awaited seasons by many of us because it is the time to be lounging on the pool side or visiting the beach. The best part is you get to wear your swimsuits and show off that well trimmed body of yours (or is it?). The best part of summer is during the Memorial Day weekend.

If you are having problems fitting in that bathing suit. Here are top 10 Foods that will help burn your fat. We are aware that in order for our body to get into shape, we need to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  So, before you get frustrated for not being able to wear your dream bikini this summary, try these top ten foods that could help you with your diet. Surely, it won’t hurt! So here is the list of top ten foods:

Cayenne Pepper
You might wonder why you perspire when you consume spicy foods, there is a reason for that. One of the greatest fat-burning spices is the Cayenne pepper it targets a thermodynamic burn that lasts for hour that burns calories

Cinnamon Powder
If you are having metabolic problems, one way to help your metabolism is to consume even as little as ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon it metabolize sugar 20 times faster and decreases your body’s blood sugar levels.

Organic Ginger
Ginger increases metabolism by 20 percent and expands the blood vessels and increases body heat it is also known as vasodilator. Whatever the form of the ginger candied, powder, pickled or fresh it still works the same way. Another benefit from ginger’s vasodilatation properties is that it cleanses your body as it stimulates circulation.

Citrus Crate
Many of us just throw the peel of an orange in the waste but why waste it? The peel of an orange can be used as a “bowl” for a scoop of ice cream as suggested by Peter Tutera.

Vitamin C is a fat burning component, which is found in oranges. It decreases fat’s effectiveness and turns it into liquid or dilutes it so that it moves out from the body. To use this food as a fat-burning agent drink your orange juice, add lemon to your water and consume grapefruit in the morning.

Red Berries and Apple
Pectin limits the number of fat your cells take up because of its water-binding properties. Berries together with apples are a great source of pectin.

Soy beans
Lecithin helps your cells not to collect fat. Soybeans are a great source of lecithin. You can just consume them roasted or dried if you cannot steam them frozen.

Potassium it is a natural occurring chemical that boosts metabolism and regulates the body’s water balance. Bananas contain around 450 mg of potassium.

Essential Fatty Acids
Consuming fish at a regular basis decreases the levels of a protein hormone called leptin. Leptin has been associated to obesity and slower metabolism. Great sources of essential fatty acids are tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring. Eat food that contains EFAs at least three to five times a week.

Garlic has several benefits to our body it serves as a natural antibiotic, works as a thermogenic and also regulates blood sugar. To take full advantage of fat burning, garlic decreases the levels of insulin and boosts metabolism.
If you want fresh garlic you can get it from the farmer’s market. If not you can grab yourself a pickled garlic.

Dairy Products
If you are looking for a food that promotes weight loss and help retain muscle mass then consume low-fat dairy products that has calcium and protein like for example a low-fat milk that you can buy at supermarkets.

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