Full vs. Satisfied

Food is one of the biggest pleasures that humans have in this world. However it is also the mort over indulgent pleasure of man. Men like to indulge themselves in food. Eating most of the times is an emotional factor than a need of the body. It is true that there is no other greater comforter than food. Food can satisfy the soul beyond anything else. No matter what your problems are, it is very difficult to stay worried on full satisfied stomach. In fact it is a well known fact that people who are hungry are irritable and more violent. That is why perhaps in the ancient roman army, the soldiers were given bad food before going to war so that they would fight more violently. Food is the ultimate comforter for man. But to over indulge in food is defiantly unhealthy. Gluttony is one of the biggest sins of mankind. People who indulge in food often end up in unhealthy eating habits. This is the cause of several health problems the most common ones being obesity. Obesity leads to further complications in the body which leads to further problems. As such eating healthily and in limits is always advised.

Hunger is of two kinds. One of the minds and one of the bodies. It is important that we learn to differentiate between the two of them. Most of the people who over eat are victims of hunger of the mind. If you had a filling lunch and hour back and then you see a chocolate pancake and feel hungry again then it is not probably a hunger of the body. The urges to eat from the mind should be avoided. One should eat according to the signals of the body. Being in tune with the signals of the body is the key to staying healthy. Eating healthily not only will help you to stay in proper weight but it will also help you to reduce your weight.  Eating healthily is the key to a proper and healthy body. But eating healthy depends upon person to person. What may be healthy eating for your friends need not be what is healthy eating for you. A healthy meal for a person depends greatly upon body composition and structure. Also age is a very important factor. Another important factor is the type of activities that is done by a person during a day. A healthy meal for a weightlifter is not a healthy meal for software professional. People who undergo great physical labor and exercise need to eat more food than an average person as they require more calories to burn. This is not the same case with a person with a lesser physical daily activities. However, the basic requirement of a meal stays the same for each and every person.

An infant is said to be in perfect tune to his body. Also wild animals in the jungles are also perfect example of creatures that are very apt in picking up signals of their body. An infant, when it feels hungry starts crying to let its mother known that it is hungry. The hunger in an infant is always from the body.  When the infant is not hungry, everything is fine with it and it sleeps peace fully. But once it feels hungry it feels the discomfort in its stomach. With this discomfort it known that it is hungry and starts crying. This habit of the infant slowly reduces as its mind and body develops. Slowly as the infant grows up it starts learning and accepting the norms of the society.  With this the child forgets to listen to its body and listens more to its mind. As the child grows into an adult, habits of the mind stick on to him or her. To known what is healthy eating and true hunger, we should learn to recognize the symptoms of the body as we did once when we were infants. To know the signals of the body is the first step in living a healthy and a fulfilling life.

Speaking of the infant, the infant also knows when to stop eating. This is again due to the fact that it is in tune with the signals of its body.  The infant does not known or care about the quantity of milk in the bottle. It just knows when the body has enough. After this it stops drinking the milk. There are no other drives that are associated with this just the drive of the body. This is why the baby does not over drink or drink to less but just right. This is what we as adults even need to realize. We need to recognize when we are satisfied and when we are full. A full stomach does not mean that you are eating healthily. It can often lead to discomfort in the stomach. You should eat till the point that your hunger is satisfied and not more. To know the difference between satisfied and full you should look out for the various signs in your body. Satisfying the hunger is most of the time not of any significant feeling. You may not feel full but all the pangs of hunger have gone from your body. You do not feel lazy and you have enough energy to carry out your tasks and activities. This means you are satisfied.

Being full is a luxury that you can afford once in a while for your body. It is the felling of being completely tight in your stomach with food. However being full with every other meal will only make you put on weight. If not monitored carefully then it will also make you obese. You should keep in control of what you eat and what how much you eat. Indulge in food is not the same as enjoying it. To be satisfied with the meal is to stay healthy. It will also help you to keep your weight loss programs in order.

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This Eiting Rite article is very useful for every one.
By: Tilva Hiralal 11 years ago
I was helped much by this article because I never really knew the difference between "satisfied" and "full". Thank you so much for many great healthful eating tips.
By: Guest 14 years ago

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