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When a person makes the decision to lose weight, there are unfortunately hundreds of diets and weight loss programs to choose from.  In fact, when you open any major newspaper or magazine, you can find the ultra secret formula for hundreds of weight loss secrets.  While some of them may be based on some scientific evidence, most will be based on hear say or some celebrity diet that worked for someone who was not really over weight.  Actually, the recent and popular many diets that we see today are usually celebrity diets with usually ridiculous assumptions like eat anything you want as long as you don’t eat carbohydrates or other assumptions like don’t do cardio exercise.   The funny thing is if you had stated these new fad diets about hundred years ago, you would be ridiculed by the medical community of the century.  However, nowadays even respected doctors are endorsing lots of ridiculous weight loss plans just to become popular or just to write a few books and make a fortune along the way.  But there is good news.  There are some diets that have a basis even from far back as the 17th century and they have been tried time and time over again with success for the person that wants to lose weight.

One such diet is the Grape Fruit Diet.  Even in the 17th and the 18th century, nobleman and noblewoman from France and England were consuming grapefruit due to its apparent weight loss capabilities.  However, in the 20th century there was some skepticism on the part of the medical community to the merits of using grapefruit diet as a healthy method of weight loss.  It was thought of as an urban legend.  But recent scientific findings in the 21st century suggest that grapefruit des contains enzymes that regulates our body’s insulin secretion levels and also some enzymes found in grapefruit may be beneficial in the fat burning mechanism of the body.

Thus with the new found popularity of the grape fruit due to these recent scientific findings, it has again recovered its rightful place as a wonderful diet.  However, there are some versions of the diet that may not be healthy for you.  The main part of any grapefruit based diet is first you must drink some grapefruit juice everyday in the morning while hungry.  This automatically adjusts your insulin and glucose levels while increasing your metabolism with a jolt to your body.  However, it is important that you have to drink it while hungry ad before breakfast.  (Be careful though, because grape fruit will lower your blood pressure, so if you are on any high blood pressure medication, then you should consult your physician before using grapefruit for your weight loss diet.)

The second part of the Grapefruit diet is the general meals.  Now one version of the grapefruit diet suggests that you should take only 800 calories per day, and you should not get any more calories.  In essence, this is a pragmatic approach to losing weight, but it can be dangerous for a person to take so little calories and participate in daily activities.  You can experience dizziness, lethargy, and sluggishness that might impair your judgment and motor skills (like driving or operating machinery).  Thus, the 800 calorie part of the diet should be omitted so that you do not get in any danger in your quest for weight loss.  Of course, everyone wants lo lose their extra weight and especially that belly fat fast, but it should be done safely and not dangerously.

In the grapefruit diet, it is suggested that you drink one serving of grapefruit juice or you eat half of a large grapefruit after every meal.  Many studies showed that participants who ate 3 to 4 times grapefruit a day after each meal, showed marked improvement in their weight loss goals compared to people who were just on the same diet or weight loss program without the grapefruit.  So actually, grapefruit should be taught as a supplement to any diet or weight loss plan that incorporates eating low calorie foods (in the 1500 calories range) and exercising regularly and frequently (30 minutes a day for 5 days a week)

The fat burning mechanism of the grapefruit works in such a way to reduce and regulate your blood glucose and insulin levels.  This way the felling of hunger that you may experience passes quickly and also the fat burning mechanism of your body is stimulated in such a way to burn more calories and store less fat after each meal.  The process is complex, although it has been shown in recent studies to work effectively in losing weight and in promoting general health.  

Grapefruit also contains very little sodium and no fat.  Thus, Grapefruit is also beneficial in lowering your blood pressure.  If you are not on any medication and you are eating grapefruit regularly every day, it can help you to lose weight and keep your blood pressure under control. (However, being on blood pressure medication and eating grapefruit may lower your blood pressure more than the acceptable levels so you should take care in instances like this).

Some studies have also suggested that drinking more than 8 glasses of water compared with eating grapefruit after every meal can cause you to lose some weight alone, even without the use of any diet or weight loss program.  As it is known, drinking water every day increases the speed of your body metabolism and increased metabolism is a great way to lose weight and burn fat.  Thus, the glucose mechanism of the grapefruit diet combined with the metabolism mechanism of water creates a great combination.

So as a final summary, it can be said that using grapefruit as a supplement in a weight loss program or a diet can be quite beneficial in losing weight.  However, it must be exercised with care and under the direction of your family physician.  You must also exercise regularly and lower your daily calories for best results.

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