Healthy food can tone you down

It has been observed by many that people who are long time smokers and those who smoke heavily tend to get heavier after they decided to stop smoking. This observation however is employed in most cases as an excuse for those who continue to smoke. But this immediate effect, which people try to avoid, can actually be counteracted People who chose to have their food preferences filled with minimal processed foods, lots of fruits and vegetables as well as legumes, whole grains and with little amounts of animal protein like fish, chicken and meat, most of the time find it easy to eat a lot without so much worrying about gaining that much weight. Their chosen diet of healthier foods enables them to eat much without acquiring too much calories and in the end too much weight.

Some natural foods like fruits, whole grains and vegetables contain fibers and complex carbohydrates that help us feel full for a long period thus we tend to eat less. On the other hand, processed foods have the opposite effect. They do not really satisfy us thus we tend to eat more thus increasing the chances of gaining weight. Processed foods are composed of refined ingredients, which do not hold so many flavors that they demand more sugar, salt and fat to be added to have flavor. Advertising just makes these foods seemed more attractive than they actually are.  

Because processed foods have certain advantages such as having more shelf life, easier to produce and distribute we tend to ignore foods in their natural state. We tend to focus on the convenience of buying and keeping them that we neglect to take note of the nutritional value of these foods.  

Take for example natural apple from apple juice. The natural apple contains fewer calories than that of an apple juice that claims to be an entirely healthy one. The processed apple juice does not even contain fiber.  

Natural foods prove to be beneficial since they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Vegetables and fruits have anti-oxidants that decreasing our chances of getting sick. Eating natural foods could also help reduce our chances of having cancer and even heart disease. They give us much more lasting energy than processed ones. Due to its fiber content and nutrients, these types of foods could help us to stay slim.  

Heavily processed foods contain less nutrients, vitamins or even minerals. In certain occasions, they do not at all give the right nutrients to our body. Overall processed foods do not have good effects to the body. Their nutritional content does not meet that of what the body needs. They are very unhealthy for us more so could even lead us to acquire more weight.  

Eating natural foods could be very beneficial to us. It does not only decrease our chances of gaining weight, it could help us become even healthier.

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