Herbal Weight Loss

Nowadays almost a lot of people want to get rid of their weights. This is a complex task and you might have to go through a painful process. Controlling diet is a very easy process now as there are so many dietary pills available in the market. When it comes to losing your weight most of the people get concerned and they want to use some natural ways to do so. Many herbal supplements are also available in the market and are very much popular in a lot of people as they tend to be natural and thus have no side effects. In comparison to the man made drugs, herbal supplements are very much in the market and much more expensive to use due to the fact that they are made of natural ingredients. According to the facts and figures from one of the manufacturers of Herbal supplements, they profits were recorded to boost from $12 million to $900 million in a span of 4 years. This shown the popularity of herbal supplements and their market share as well.

The main function of the herbal supplements id that they are manufactured in such ways that the metabolism increases and in turn you do not feel to eat more to gain energy and thus results in losing weight. The main ingredients of these herbal supplements can be Ephedra herb also called Ma huang and also guarana which comes from natural caffeine sources. In theory let us see how the herbal supplements work. There is a process I the human body called Thermogenesis in this process the brown adipose tissue will burn the calories present in the body. Using this process the herbal supplements achieve the results of weight loss. Much research work has been done and it has proved that caffeine and ephedrine can result in increased metabolism rate and can also make you suppress you appetite.

24 people who were overweight were put into a study and the results showed that people who use hydrooxycut and used to exercise 3 times in a week were able to lose more than 8 pounds. The tests were carried out and no blood pressure changes were seen from the use of hydroxycut. Even after all these test and no side effects were seen still doctors prefer to consult your own physician before you use these kinds of supplements as the stimulant properties of the ingredients used is very high and can effect some people. Due to the stimulants present in the herbal supplements they can cause agitation problems in some people. Thus it proves that no matter how natural these supplements be their excessive use can prove to be dangerous in some sort. Excess of anything is bad and can cause you to pay in the end.

Losing your weight through the use of herbal supplements is considered to be the best way and no one thinks to consult a doctor before taking one. For many people these pills have worked magically and produced eye opening results.  People think it is safe to take a dosage but what most of us do not know is that the ingredients in the supplement cannot be reviewed and approved by Food and Drug Administration. The only think the FDA can do is to make sure that the dosage in the bottle is as it is described on the bottle of the supplement. But the dosage can be flawed. A case study done by the University of Arkansas showed that the amount and content of ephedra in these supplements can be from none to 150%. This content is much more that is indicated on the supplement itself. The right way should be that all herbal supplements should be checked before they are made available to people in the market, this way dangerous supplements will be away from the market. With such products away from the reach of people then it will be easy and safe to choose amongst the left brands to what to choose that will best suit your needs. All herbal supplements do not work in the same way but different have different abilities.

Most of the people looking for weight loss turn towards herbal supplements this was a research done by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Many people take up herbal supplements as they really want to get rid of their excess pounds. Many people are looking for some magical ways. Some people want the health benefits too along with loosing the weight. Some people just want to lose their weight but they cannot do any exercises nor do they want to change their eating habits. Many herbal supplements are available in the market which does not even need any prescription thus making it easier to access by anyone who wants to lose weight. Most of all people get obsessed with the idea that this way is completely natural and has no side effects at all and can be used whenever they want without the need to consult their doctors.

There are a number of herbal supplements in the market and all of them have their different way of promoting their brands. All of them claim to be better than the other and tells ways how to lose your weight as quickly as possible. A number of these herbal supplement companies also give a money back guarantee also.  There are a number of herbal supplements. Let us list a few below and see how they are marketed:

  1. Ephedra : Used to give increased energy.
  2. Bitter Orange and Ginseng : Used to boost the energy produced in the body.
  3. Glucomannan , Guar gum and Psyllium are marketed in a way that they have the ability to keep a person full and not make one feel hungry.
  4. Hoodia : It is said that this natural supplement stops the hunger receptors in the brain to send signals to the brain that one is hungry.
  5. Green tea and carnitine are promoted to reduce fat synthesis.
  6. Chitosan is promoted to effect and block the dietary fat absorption of the body.
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