Hoodia Gordonii

What is Hoodia Gordonii? Hoodia Gordonii is a very new product and it is used for the same purpose like all the other weapons that are used against the weight loss. In the start of 2004 Hoodia Gordonii first emerged in the US market. It emerged as an appetite suppressant and was considered to be 100% natural. This product has earned an immense amount of attention from the time it was launched in the market. People tend to be of the view that this product works fairly well and has no side effects what so ever. Still there are a number of questions raised on the affects of Hoodia if used for a long period of time. What would its long term effects be on a human Body?

Its appearance is the same as of a cactus plant but it is in reality not a cactus but it is found in the Kalahari Desert in the Southern Africa. Historically it shows that many African travelers have been using Hoodia for a very long time to control their hunger and to prevent them from hunger pains when they were making extensive journeys into the deserts. A completely natural succulent found in the deserts, Hoodia Gordonii is not a drug itself. One thing that is very important to note is that Hoodia will only work as a natural supplement but the type of this Hoodia should be Gordonii. The main function of this is that it sends signals o the brain that you are not hungry and don’t want to eat. It is such a natural supplement that one dose can work up to 6 hours or more.

People have different view when it comes to comment on how long it takes for Hoodia Gordonii to work and be effective to show the results desired from it. Many of the consumers of Hoodia Gordonii say that the results are evident as soon as you start using it but many consumers also say that you have to wait for a couple of weeks before you start to see some changes. You lose interest in food, you do not feel hungry as you used to do before, you feel more satisfied after having your meals and an overall good feeling are just some major effects of Hoodia Gordonii. It is not a stimulant and no one has ever come to know what kind of long term effects Hoodia Gordonii can come up with. No one has ever reported any side effects as it is natural and not a drug itself. All it does is block the hunger receptors in the brain from sending signals to the brain. Thus you always think you are full of food.

Not a lot of research has been done on Hoodia Gordonii and that creates a great problem and difficulty for people as there is not a lot of medical proof of this substance. A lot of study should be done before this is used as a widely eaten product by people for weight control. To prove Hoodia does exactly what is claimed, a lot of clinical test are required to provide evidence to people. Till date no one has ever carried out an extensive test on Hoodia to know if it is safe to use it or not and does it do the trick that everyone says that it does. If this supplement is nutritional or not it still has to be proved clinically through tests.

Many people who use Hoodia have reported that the promoters of Hoodia specify an amount of Hoodia to be taken every day, but this amount that has been suggested is very less as compared to the real amount of Hoodia to be taken in order to really suppress your appetite. The promoters suggest less but in reality a much greater amount is taken to see the effect. Looking at this fact, it is also important to note that using large quantities of Hoodia can be expensive as it is not a cheap product at all. Hoodia has also been reported not to counteract for the sugar levels in the blood that usually decline if you eat a lot of carbohydrates for example, bread, white rice and soft drinks. Some of the consumers of Hoodia have reported that it did not suppress their diet especially on the days when they ate carbohydrates. So it appears to us that Hoodia only works when we eat the diet that contains controlled carbohydrates intake. Also if you do some work out or do long hours of exercises then also Hoodia does not seem to work. If you are a consumer of Hoodia who also exercises frequently then if you use Hoodia and go for your exercise you will always feel hungry the same way as you felt before you used Hoodia. In such situations it does not seem to work.

Tincture so far has appeared to be the most effective form of Hoodia. It is due to the fact that tincture affects your appetite and suppresses your appetite far greater than it is done by the powder. It appears that the powder when taken does take a longer time to get digested and then brings out the chemical compounds that will do the trick, but it is a slow process and on the other hand tincture is a much faster process, Tincture should be taken in small doses and large dose should be avoided. Hoodia has captured a great number of consumers and the media too has been taken by this herbal supplement. Hoodia is in very much focus by the media but as there stands no clinical evidence to prove what the promoters say, it still has not taken a revolutionary shape. Still a lot of research and a lot of tests have to be performed on Hoodia. The results of these will then prove if Hoodia Gordonii can be promoted to be a herbal supplement and considered safe for use by humans or not.

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