Hoodia Rush

Hoodia Rush™ is a product which is far from all these fake products available online and in the markets. Hoodia Rush™ is totally free from Ephedra for your own security and for your health.  There are uncountable  number of products in the market that use Hooida, but Hoodia Rush™ is a product that is certified and completely documented that the contents of Hoodia used are 100% pure and natural and do not pose any threat to your health.

Whenever you go out to buy a Hoodia product then you have to be very careful, as many of the products that prove to use Hoodia are fake and theses products are filled with sawdust instead of pure Hoodia. Never buy any Hoodia product that is not certified. When buying Hoodia products there are 3 golden rules which are as follows.

  1. If a website sells Hoodia products without the certification of C.I.T.E.S. then all such websites are fake and the products should never be bought. C.I.T.E.S. stands for convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and its International agreement between governments. C.I.T.E.S. main aim is to work for the benefit of wild animals and flowers and also make sure that all such animals and flowers survive, whose existence is endangered in any way.
  2. Always look for a dose of 700mg or higher than that as this will ensure positive results.
  3. Always look for Money back guarantee. It is very important that this is present on the website as it is your hard earned money and should not be taken by any fake websites.

The main component in Hoodia Rush™ is Hoodia. It is a component which is most effective in loosing your weight. How does it work? It's simple, when you take a dosage of Hoodia it blocks the hunger receptors in the brain for about 6 hours and thus does not send signals to the brain that you are hungry. It is completely natural and does not affect your brain or another part of your body. The smell of the food does not change for you, the taste does not change, the look is the same but still you still not feel like eating it as the hunger receptors are blocked. The result is that the input food to the body is less than before say like 1000 calories less than what you normally took. In this way you can manage to loose around 8 pounds in a month without doing any exercises. Hoodia contains a molecule and this molecule is 10000 times stronger than glucose. The molecule travels to the brain hunger receptors and blocks them, thus the nerve cells fire as if you are full and do not want to eat anything.

Hoodia is always imported from South Africa all around the world. Hoodia does not affect your sense of smell or taste; everything is in the same way and is completely normal as Hoodia Rush™ is natural.  It just blocks your brain hunger receptors for a certain period and you do not feel hungry. People who have used Hoodia Rush™ claim to have lost around 2 pounds in a week which means they lost 7000 calories in a week's time without any exercises.

Losing your weight is the most important benefit you want out of Hoodia Rush™ and it does the trick. The main benefits of Hoodia Rush™ are:

  1. Makes you lose your weight
  2. Appetite is suppressed.

People using Hoodia Rush™ have reported that they have lost 11 pounds within a month by just using the product and no exercises. If you do exercises for 20 minutes a day for 3 times in a week and use Hoodia Rush™ then you will be able to loose 14 pounds in a month. This is a phenomenal result for anyone who wants to reduce weight.

The best times to take Hoodia Rush™ are in the morning before your breakfast and then before your first meal, only one tablet should be taken when you wake up and before you take your breakfast and then 1 before you take your first meal.  There are 30 capsules in one box of Hoodia Rush™. It has also been certified and proved to be authentic by independent lab analysis. Hoodia Rush™ has also gone through a clinical trial test where it was given to people who did not know they were using Hoodia Rush™, and the result was loss of weight ( 2 Pounds ) in a week.  Hoodia Rush™ contains 1000 milligrams of Hoodia in it. There are no side effects of Hoodia Rush™  that have been reported by its users up to date.  One of the main component of  Hoodia Rush™ is  Hoodia Gordonii powder. After each dose of Hoodia Rush™ you will not feel hungry for at least 6 hours as the brain hunger receptors are forced not to send signals to the brain nerves to eat anything. Thus making you eat less in a day then normal.  

Hoodia Rush™ provides incentives to their consumers which are as follows.

Hoodia Rush™ Savings:

Buy 1 box - Zero Savings
Buy 2 boxes - Free full-sized bottle of ThermaZan* ($49.95 VALUE)
Buy 3 boxes - Savings of $40 + Free full-sized bottle of ThermaZan* ($49.95 VALUE)
Buy 5 boxes - Savings of $130 + Free full-sized bottle of ThermaZan* ($49.95 VALUE)
Buy 6 boxes - Savings of $150 + 2 Free full-sized bottle of ThermaZan* ($100.00 VALUE)

Hoodia Rush™   gives a money back guarantee of 60 days if you do not get the claimed results your money will be returned without any hassle. The customer services of Hoodia Rush™ have been rated to an excellent category and all customers are dealt according to their needs. Hoodia Rush™ does not contain epherda (Ma Huang).  Hoodia Rush™ can be delivered anywhere in the world and will be shipped free of cost. Payments can be made through Mail, fax or through Secure Online Encryption.

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