How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin?

The years have never been, and will never be too easy for us humans, especially for those who have lived a very sedentary, or at least a not so active lifestyle. At maybe around the age of fifty, or thirty five for some people, we notice some changes in our bodies – a bigger tummy, a few plus pounds and that accursed crease below the chin. Yes, the double chin, something that is not that easy to get rid of.

Having a double chin necessarily does not happen just to aging people. Research has pointed out that the double chin may originate from one of the many primary causes, three of which I will mention – genetic predisposition to having a double chin, a loose muscular structure in the face, and intake of calories. Some may feel at a loss upon hearing this three. Loose skin can't be helped as it comes with aging, however, there are some ways I laid out below which may actually help in getting rid of a double chin.

Watch what you eat

I think this one of the most logical things to do when getting rid of a double chin, or any type of body fat for that matter. Monitoring and even regulating your food intake is effective. Research has shown that the main cause of aging, or at least of rapid aging, is the amount of calories the body processes. Fewer calories stored in the body simply means there will be fewer calories to process, hence, the less fat you see in the face.


Say yes to exercise your whole body. Say no to spot reduction, or just exercising a certain area in the body to get rid of the fat, as this does not actually help. To make exercise work, the body has to burn more calories than it consumes so as to use up the stored fats in the body. Sign up at a local gym near you and start aerobic exercises like running, biking, and machines such as the step master and the cross-trainer. You may also try anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting and stretching.   

Keep it upright

Proper posture helps get rid of a double chin, among other things. For best results, sit up straight and keep the jaw slightly jutted during the daytime. Slouching, and giving the jaw too much of a relaxed state opens the opportunity for the double chin to develop as loose skin may start to develop. You may use some ergonomic chairs available in home furniture stores to keep you in an upright and proper posture.

Exercise the jaw

I am not talking about nagging your husbands or complaining about their stinky feet. I don't know if that's a good way to exercise the jaw, but chewing sugar-free gum may help. It doesn't just maintain proper hygiene; it also helps in keeping that double chin from happening. Having your jaw and facial muscles working will prevent the accumulation of fat and the development of loose skin.

The jaw line is kept tight by the very same muscles we use to chew and make our facial expressions. By chewing gum, or maybe smiling often will help in tightening the jaw.
Exercise the platysma – the muscle in the fontal neck and below the chin. This is the most recommended method of exercise to get rid of the double chin. You may look like an idiot or a nutcase doing this, but this will surely help in getting rid of the double chin.

For the exercise, open the mouth as wide as you can and pull the bottom lip over the lower teeth. Then move the jaw up and down as if trying to munch on something frivolously. This is called shoveling. At first it may look silly, but just see who's laughing now after making this your daily routine and the double chin starts going away.

Go under the knife

If after all these exercises and still your double chin persist, you may opt to consider going under the knife for cosmetic surgery on the skin or liposuction. However, think through the procedure once, twice, even for a hundred times before actually doing it. Yes, you will look better, but are you ready for the consequences, for the what-ifs? You may end up as a botched surgery, drinking and eating meals from a straw. Think about the cost, the side effects, how long the recovery process is, and the implications this will have on you. Some of us are just genetically inclined to have double chins, and some have learned to accept these facts. Sometimes, the risks of the procedure outweigh the potential benefits it may give you.

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