How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

An important discussion in male fitness is the reduction of those man boobs. Most individuals who go to the gym work out to get rid of man boobs. For men, it is such an unpleasant sight to have large man boobs. Having someone ask you to flex your chest than flip your man boobs is much better, so as being called to someone who has "nice pecs" than someone who has "big man boobs".

Getting rid of these man boobs takes time, patience and self-discipline. A single rep in the bench press or even 3 months of gym won't make it go away – it needs time, and constant working out.

Below are some ways to lose those man boobs.

For ages 12 – 18
If you are between these ages, and have been noticing that your chest is getting more sensitive and a bit bigger, you don't have to worry. Unless you have hormone problems, male teenagers experience breast sensitivity during the years of puberty. You will, by no means turn into a woman. This is simply a phase – wait this one out. If you can't, ask your parents and go see a doctor for more information.

For 25 and up

By this time, you may notice that your chest is getting bigger and is starting to sag. Now, you have to worry a little and start adjusting your diet or work out. As we males grow older, our metabolism is starting to slow, and our chances of getting those adorable male bosoms are slowly ticking away. It is time to cut down on the bacon and potato wedges, and the beer. Cutting down on sugar and sweets will help, too.

You don't just have to diet – you have to work out. Start a cardio-aerobic exercise. Burn your fats all over the body. Reducing body fat will reduce the size of your man boobs. When you are starting to build man boobs, start having a more active lifestyle – run, go skiing if you can, and do biking, they're the best ways to lose all these body fat.

Adding an arsenal of workout regimen in your exercise will dramatically increase the success rate of getting rid of those man boobs. Adding weight lifting, an anaerobic exercise in your workout plan will definitely help. When working out, focus on your chest. You may want to start with an incline bench press. Most of the gyms I've been in have machines set up for the incline press, targeting the upper chest. With a greater amount of muscle in the upper chest, the flab in the nipples will start disappearing as it, too, tightens up. Go with fewer reps, and add more weight, this way, you build more muscle mass.

You may also try working out with the lower chest, the upper back and even the shoulders to hide and reduce the appearance of your man boobs. I am sure you would like to have a chest that resembles more of the Terminator's pectorals than, say, granny's drooping womanhood. As you work out your lower chest, muscle mass builds around it, therefore tightening the chest. As you build muscle in the shoulders and the upper back, the skin on the chest is stretched backward, tightening the appearance of the torso overall, giving you a more muscular look.

Diet and Herbal Supplements

Is there really some drug or food supplement that will help you attain that Herculean chest? Some have been looking for a way to get rid of man boobs with the least of efforts possible. They want to have Arnold's chests, but don't want to work out as hard as he does. Because of this, some people believe in the infomercials that their product reduces weight, removes fat, and targets the man boobs specifically. Some say that alkaline is the best way to reduce fat, and that they have bitter herbs and oils that will aid the body in dissolving fat. People believe them blindly, others question their integrity and claims.

Some people sell products to willing people who are blinded by the promises. Some do it for money and other reasons we may or may not think about. Many claim that just by dieting and reducing weight and limiting the intake of food and alcohol reduces the man boobs. The question for us men now is, will we believe them? Or will we go to great lengths (do limit our food intake, take some natural supplements, and work out) just to see ourselves looking like Spartans in the next few months?

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By: Boob 8 years ago
How to get into shape ??
By: Sats 10 years ago
Friends just jog/brisk walk & do plenty of pushups.Watch ur diet also & ur fat is gone.All the best.
By: SUMANTA 10 years ago
how to contro chest fat
By: vipul 10 years ago

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