How to Raise Metabolism?

In a world where being overweight has become the official national past time it is no wonder we are always on the look out for things that we can utilize in order to lose weight. We have no desire to remain unhealthy. There is nothing fun in being overweight and feeling miserable every single day. Outside of trying methods that can make us more ill or medical procedures that are simply just too dangerous it makes sense to want to try and lose weight the old fashioned way: hard work.

Easier said then done, working hard on losing weight is not an easy task. It takes a lot of dedication, patience and strong will. We need to learn how to eat less, work out more and put the right foods into our bodies. It is a known fact that when your metabolism is raised you have a higher chance at being able to lose weight because you will be burning a lot more calories. Raising your metabolism is as easy as following the five tips below.

  1. Muscle building is essential. There is no doubt that muscle burns fat. This has been proven for several years now. But in order to get these muscles that burn fuel you simply cannot just keep sitting on the couch doing nothing. You need to be able to strength train and to do that properly you should join a good gym and possibly seek the help of a personal trainer. Work with weights three times a week for roughly 45 minutes at the maximum. Adding muscle mass increases your metabolism which is measured by your metabolic rate when you are at rest. Strength training will raise your metabolism for twenty four hours after your session.
  2. Get out there and be active. Do not just sit idle between your weight training sessions. You also need to add in a cardio work out that lasts from thirty to forty-five minutes so that your heart rate has a chance to remain up for four to five times per week. If you can stick to a cardio work out that is at least forty minutes you will do great. Make sure to get the advice of a personal trainer to find out what your ideal heart rate is. You do not have to keep yourself in the gym either for cardio. Just get out there and increase your cardio by doing any sort of physical activity. This will jolt your metabolism into action. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator; you can park further from the door; when at work walk around the office during breaks, if you do not live far from work try jogging or riding your bike.
  3. Many people think that lessening what you eat will be good for you. That is the worst thing you can do. Never skip a meal or fast. You have to kick your metabolism into gear in the morning by eating a great breakfast and then eating smaller meals spaced out through the day. This keeps your metabolism running and you losing weight. You need to maintain a calorie deficit in order to continuously lose weight. Your personal trainer can help you build a menu that is approved by the FDA that will keep you on track. If you begin to stare yourself your body goes into starvation mode and begins to pillage your other stored of resources that you will otherwise need to produce or maintain energy levels. You will wind up being tired, losing muscle mass and being irritable. This also affects your ability to burn calories – not good.
  4. I know you have heard this many times before but drink more water! It is a known fact that water will defenality raise your metabolism. The more water you consume the more calories you will burn – meaning your metabolism is raised. The impact from drinking water may be modest but it is a solid start and certainly a lot better then what you were doing before. The ideal number of ounces is 96. It sounds like a lot but try to drink some water every quarter hour and if 96 ounces seems just too much then try for, at the very least, the standard 64 ounces. It is better than nothing.
  5. Sleep is also a important factor in maintaining a healthy metabolism. If you do not get a lot of rest your body will never be able to recover and you will just be miserable and listless throughout the entire day. You need to get a good eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and this will, in fact, generate a healthy metabolism.
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By: shanaya 8 years ago
all is rubbish....
By: iiiiiii 10 years ago
When you drink water, you should try to drink the coldest WATER there is. Make sure to drink WATER, not ice. The colder the water, the more calories your body uses to heat the water to match your body temperature. It's a simple way to burn more calories.
By: Matadati 10 years ago
thank you but how dis can be done in a continuation
By: annu 10 years ago
these are excelent tips and anthony is 100% right..
By: kevin 10 years ago
Drinking water is not going to raise your metabolism. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
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it was ok..
By: CATII 10 years ago
what r methods of strength training at home?
other points r very valueable.
By: sulochana sharma 10 years ago
Does only Cardio help to reduce the wt
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