Including workouts into your daily life

Do not Exercise! This might get your attention and surely, it has. Many people give a lot reasons just to keep away from exercise or anything that involves physical fitness. Why do some people avoid exercise? Because it brings the image of alarm clock ringing early in the morning to exercise while you are enjoying your sleep and also sweating, jogging and exhaustion (I’m already exhausted just writing about it) .

It might not be all that butterflies and flowers but exercise certainly helps your body become stronger but you need not be an exercise addict to lose weight and take advantage of its health benefits.

We can make a lot of progress towards better health and reducing weight when we only increase our activity level just a little bit over out daily routine and this was proven by researches.

It is just easy to calculate how much pound you can lose within a year take for example if a pound of fat contains 3500 calories than just by burning 100 calories within a day you will lose 10 pounds within a year.

Some individuals lose 60 pounds in every 5 years by increasing their physical activity by about 60 minutes and because of these, they have retained a significant weight loss this is according to a research done by Dr. James Hill a founder of the National Weight Loss Registry.

This does not mean that these individuals have been visiting the gym constantly. You can increase physical activity in many ways like cleaning your  bathroom, scrubbing the floor and simply walking 10 minutes a day but because of the what technology has brought us today we tend to become lazy like instead of taking the stairs we take the elevator which leads to decreased physical activity.

Listed below are some ways to increase your physical fitness. It is wonderful to know if you are already doing these things but they do not increase your fitness level.

  1. Parking foolishness – most of the people park as near as possible to the entrance of the mall to avoid walking a long distance but why not park the car as far away as possible? Walking back and forth into the parking and lot and into the main entrance can help you burn 30 calories, which is 5 minutes each way.
  2. Skip the escalators and elevators – You need not drop by the gym just to use the stair climber why not just use a real stairs to climb up the stairs for 10 minutes can expend around 80 calories.
  3. Trim your lawn – Instead of hiring a helper that will cost some bucks why not just do it on your own, manually not using a lawn tractor or trimmer in half an hour you will expend around 175 calories.
  4. Use your pet – There are studies that people who have pets just pamper them and let their pets just lying around like their owners, well not all the time. It will be fun and enjoyable when you walk your dog in the morning or in the afternoon whichever you prefer. A 30 minutes walk will expend around 80 calories.
  5. Wash your car – Like mowing your lawn, why not wash your car too this will help you expend around 140 calories and lose 7 to 10 pound within a year.
  6. Wash your Dishes! – Put aside your dishwasher and save electricity then wash your dishes after every meal and clean your house within an hour you will expend more than 100 calories.
  7. Gardening – Get down and dirty! It is time to bring out those shovels and dig and why not plant healthy food while you are at it doing this will help expend around 160 calories.
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