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One of the hardest things in a weight loss program is the fact that you see other people losing weight, but you are unable to lose the weight that you need.  Maybe you have a program that you have seen it work on a close family member or a close friend; but no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to work on you. You try and you try; you do your exercises and you eat the same foods.  However, when you go on the scale, you see that you haven’t lost any pounds or you have lost too little to make a difference in the suffering that you are having on the weight loss program.  It can be very frustrating and it can put you on a depressed state.  In fact, you may stop dieting altogether or you might even eat more than you are supposed to.  If this sounds familiar, you are not alone as this cycle described above is more commonplace among dieters than you think.    In fact, it happens to majority of dieters, who read something on the Internet or who see a celebrity recommend a certain weight loss plan which has worked for them.  However, that celebrity was maybe less than 100 pounds in the first place and what works for that celebrity, will probably not work for you.  This is all frustrating and you end up losing your goals and feeling all alone.  Pretty soon you forget about your weight loss goals and you are back to square one.  

Jenny Craig Diet brings a fresh solution to this problem.  Instead of telling you to eat cabbage or grapefruits whatsoever that might work or that might not work; you are given an individual program.  Jenny Craig diet recognizes that each individual is different and unique.  For example, the age of the person will affect their metabolic rate greatly as well as their sex.  The individual’s weight loss can be dependent on many factors like your present weight, your present height, your present physical condition, your present psychological state of mind, your age, and your general eating habits and similar points that must be addressed first to give you an appropriate weight loss program. Especially the life style that you live are analyzed to provide the most suitable weight loss plan. In this plan, first the daily nutritional and calorie requirements are measured and obtained.  Thus, your goal is then set upon these numbers for success.  For example, if you are a middle age female, you may be required to intake only 1500 calories a day, while if you are a middle age active male, then you may be allowed 3000 calories per day.

In the Jenny Craig diet, you are not allowed to start on the diet or even enroll in the program until you do a one on one consultation with a Jenny Craig Center Counselor.  If there is not a local center nearest you; you are at least required to do a phone interview so that your unique profile can be mapped.  When your phone interview or live interview is concluded then you are processed so that your factors are analyzed to give you the perfect weight loss program.

In the Jenny Craig Diet, you are given a diet plan and the meals to go with it.  It is actually a whole industry that has been around since the 1980’s.  Now the Jenny Craig products, which were Australian in origin, are in the United States under the sponsorship and the ownership of Nestle.  However, you do not go into your local supermarket to pick up your food.  On the contrary, you go to your local centre where you get your special frozen meals, which have their set number f calories.  In case there is no local center near you, your frozen dinners are mailed to you by the post service.

The goal with the Jenny Craig program is for you to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.  It is a realistic goal set by your physical and mental standards.  The foods in the typical Jenny Craig diet include anything from Penne Pasta to Lasagna and even it includes French toast and Cakes.  The purpose here is to have a controlled diet but without the psychological restrictions.  In fact in the Jenny Craig diet, you are allowed to eat anything that you want provided that you eat in moderation.   You are even allowed to eat carbohydrates and proteins unlike most diets, as the purpose here is to have a controlled diet that is suited to your needs.   Especially with some foods like cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce; you are allowed to eat as much as you want without any restrictions on your part.

In addition, the Jenny Craig program incorporates lots of psychological support into the program.  Once you are enrolled in the Jenny Craig program; you are taken as a member and you are allowed to get counseling and support from the groups who are dieting just like yourself.  This is also an important part of the diet; but unfortunately this is limited only to places where there are local places to serve you.

Of course, the Jenny Craig review is not just limited to diet alone.  You are given a special exercise program that incorporates 30 minutes of activity into your daily life.  Depending upon your life style; it can be anything from jogging to walking and there are even hypnos tapes that you can use while you are taking a brisk walk outside.

Perhaps the only problem with the Jenny Craig diet is the cost.  Unlike other plans, you have no way to get an exact cost estimate as it varies from individual to individual.  The daily cost for your meals is around $15 a day including all three meals and a snack that is included in your daily allowance.  You also have to pay a membership for the services described above and thus it can be a costly diet that is not suited for everyone.

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