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Health is the talk of the day in many people's lives. To get good food and a healthy balanced diet is a dream of many. Eating properly and healthily is one of man's biggest pleasures. But it is wrong to indulge in pleasures. The Romans were one civilization that over indulged in food. They loved to eat but because of the position they were in they over indulged themselves in food. This was one of the reasons why the Roman Empire crumbled. To love your food is one thing but to keep eating is certainly unacceptable. This is an awareness that is coming in many people these days. With the modern society becoming more and more health conscious people have started to take many steps to rectify their eating habits. Some hire professionals and some do self monitoring. To maintain a food and health diary is common following this trend. This is also recommended by many health professionals.

It is shown through many researches that staying healthy and controlling your eating habits are physiological rather than a need of the body. Saying this, it means that if you know how much you are eating or what you are eating you will stay in control. If will effectively keep you healthy. As mentioned before this is also called self monitoring. The best person to monitor you eating activities is no one but you. To check your own self is the first steps in staying healthy. A person who lives in a proper food regime can stay healthy throughout his life without any needs of supplements or harsh physical exercise.

People generally form a diary to keep a tack of what they are eating. The make a note in this diary every time they eat. This diary can be used for a purpose of self assessment and also can be shown to professionals so that they can easily diagnose what is wrong with your eating habits. Also the integrity of the diary is largely dependent upon the honesty of the diary keepers. Many diary keepers, especially those, who make the diary to show to the professionals, enter invalid details so that they can impress their doctors. However, this only means that they are cheating themselves. Also sometimes due to honest absent mindedness, they forget to enter certain details in the diary. This also leads to misleading information. For correct assessment and diagnosis of the eating problems the diary should be maintained with full ingenuity and integrity of the diary keeper. This will not only aid in solving the various wrong eating habits but also show a development in the person eating characteristics. The person should with full honesty record in the diary when they eat, what they eat and why they eat. Without fail anything and everything that goes inside their mouth should be written in the diary first. This may seem constraining but it is for the good of the individual.

Many people do not wish to keep a record of their eating habits. However, a record is just what they need to find out where they are going wrong. A food diary will effectively make you more aware of what you eat. You may think why you are gaining so much weight even though you eat so little. However, when you maintain your food diary, you will be able to identify that you are eating more than you think you are. All you small snacks that you keep taking throughout the day add up. These are not noticeable unless you maintain a record to what you are consuming every time you open your mouth. To maintain a truthful record is difficult due to many implicit or explicit reasons but it is the best way to asses yourself and find out where you are going wrong.

Making a diary also lets you set some fixed goals and targets that you can set in your mind to meet. They can let you make conscious choices about what you eat and when you eat. It will help you keep in control of yourself. It can be very motivating to look back on your eating habits and find out that you have been eating very healthily in the recent past. It will encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle. The reason behind this is simple. When you get an impulse you act immediately. But if you write down this thought then you can have the time to think twice before doing it. This will help you to keep a check of your unwanted habits and gain control over your weight. Writing down everything you eat or drink in a day can be very helpful also to maintain your monthly food budget. In terms of self assessment and self control maintaining a food diary is perhaps the best possible way.

To make a food diary is simple. It can be a form that you stick on your door or a notebook that you carry around with you where ever you go. Like all diaries this too can be your secret book. You can make periodic notes on the diary before and after every meal. This diary can show you surprising results as you go on making notes in it on every thought of food that lasts longer than 10 minutes. These recordings often show people that they are eating more for pleasure than for the need of the body. This is a fact that perhaps many people deny but come to realize only when they maintain a food diary.

For this diary to be completely effective, the recordings should be made honestly. The rate of effectiveness can be said to be directly in proportion to the honesty of the person’s recordings. People who have successfully lost weight are known to self monitor themselves by maintaining a diary to known how or what they eat and when they eat. This diary could also help you find out many other physiological problems and the solutions that work the best for you.

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