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When you are overweight or obese then you will probably be going through every popular magazine or newspaper column to find a right diet for you.  There are over thousands of diets and weight loss programs to choose from.  Thus, you can be very confused as to which diet to take in order to lose weight.  However, especially for health reasons, losing weight is a very important quest and you may be even in danger due to being obese.  But the problem is that the weight loss sector has become multibillion dollar industry and unfortunately most of the time the weight loss industry does not have your interests at heart.  Many times, they will have expensive plans that will not work at all or they might even have plans that are dangerous to you due to the minimum calorie requirements that they have.  If you are in such a position, it is usually best to just go with a classic diet.  In addition, many of the diets that we hear advertised are usually celebrity diets.  However, for normal working people these celebrity diets will just not work and create any meaningful results.

Although LA Weight Loss Diet is not a celebrity diet, unfortunately it is a diet that is suited to celebrities due to its being one of the most expensive diets around.   In the L A Weight Loss program you are required to sign in as a member.  You then fill out a personal questionnaire that allows the center to create a personalized diet and weight loss program for you.  It is actually a good program in this aspect only as the program sets logical and sustainable weight loss goals per each individual.  Depending on your personal composition; you are allowed 1300 to 1800 calories per day in order to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time.  Once you sign up and your personal weight loss program is constructed, then you stay on the program until you reach your target weight.  However, besides the diet plan you are also encouraged to go to the local L A Weight Loss Center at least three times a week to have your weight assessed by a professional counselor.  This will help you stay focused on your goal and you are also able to receive peer support and counselor report in your hard quest to lose weight.  In essence, you never feel alone with the LA Weight Loss Diet program.

The LA Weight Loss program gives you a comprehensive list that you are supposed to follow if you want to lose weight.  Although the program allows for grocery based food lists that you can prepare at home for your diet; usually it is suggested to you that you follow the diet by ordering the diet meal supplements from the L A Weight Loss Center.  Especially when you go to your three times a week support and counseling session, you are extremely suggested to get some aid by ordering meal supplements from the L A Weight Loss Diet Center.  This is unfortunately a tactic, most of the time to force you to buy their expensive meal supplements instead of going grocery shopping like regular people.

One of the problems that have been documented is the fact that most of these so called dieticians or LA Weight Loss Diet Center Counselors are unfortunately not really certified people or professionals.  In fact, most of them have been found to work part time on commission only.  This creates a paradox as most of these so called advisors will just force you to buy the meal supplements and diet shakes from the LA Weight Loss Diet Center.  This is the only way that they can survive, since they are paid in commissions.  In addition, their professional credibility is questionable and the problem with these so called professionals may be that they might know about dieting as much as you and not more.  Of course, there may be some expert dieticians or counselors in the staff, but when you go to your check up you can never know whether it is a professional that is helping you or a regular employee that is just trying to win some commission.

One of the other money traps in the L A Weight Loss Diet is the membership fee.  Unfortunately, you may be forced to pay a full years membership in advance, when you sign up for the LA Weight Loss Program.  This can be in the range of $350 to $400 that you may have to pay up front even before you start the diet.  Of course, after this fee, the counselors and advisors are free; but they usually try to force you to buy their meal supplement products from their LA Weight Loss Center and thus you may end up paying thousands of dollars for a weight loss program that may or may not work for you.

So in over all summary, there is not much that can be said about this program.  As favorable points, the program can work as it does give you some sound advice like drink more water, eat more frequently, don’t eat before bed and try to lower your calorie intake by eating a more balanced meal.  Although the L A Weight Loss Diet program doesn’t suggest any certain exercises, you are also promoted to do as much as exercise as possible.  Of course the company’s meal supplement products and slim shakes are also low calorie and nutritious.  The problem with the L A Weight Loss Diet is not the fact that it is a totally quack program.  No rather, it does have merit and a person on the diet can lose weight.  But it is an extremely expensive program for most people and you really don’t get what you paid for.  The dietary suggestions like drink water can be found for free in the Internet and there are far cheaper meal supplements that you can buy on the Internet like Medfast or Weight Watchers.  However, if you are prepared to spend a serious budget on a diet that works, then you can consider enrolling in this diet program.

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