Learn the ten fitness mistakes

The first thing that come into our minds when we hear the word fitness are reducing weight, fitting to a specific dress size, building their muscles and burn out those fats that are stored in the body.
As much as you would want to lose those extra pounds fast, make sure you are not committing the top ten mistakes of getting fit. Below is the list for the top ten common mistakes when losing weight.

Starting without a plan
If you have not planned very well about the steps that you are going to follow or you just do them randomly, then, it will never work for as long as you do not plan very well in achieving your goal surely you will fail. One way to do it properly is to purchase a guide to fitness program that suits you.  Learn about it, especially the basics. Research and list down all the qualified trainers in town. Look for someone whom you can work well so you will feel comfortable. The best part of having a personal fitness trainer is having a personalized aerobic and proper resistance program specially designed just for you.

 Evaluate yourself
Try visiting any fitness gym near you. Once you walk inside the gym, you will get to see individuals sweating and grunting while flexing their muscles. In an aerobic class, you will see them twirling and having fun as if they are just dancing. Do not be tempted to follow them or enroll yourself to that aerobic class because of impulsiveness. There are chances that you might not keep up and be discouraged at the end, which will lead you to feeling depressed until you find yourself munching on that donut again.
Losing weight cannot be done by magic. If your goal is to lose 300 pounds within a month then dream on because this will never happen unless you go into surgery, which is very risky. It is better to increase your strength incrementally over time. Be realistic focus on yourself and not on others. Think of what you can do now and not what others can do because no one can help yourself but you.

Too little exercise
Exercising 3 to 5 times a week will not help you lose weight instantly. The changes in your body and weight loss also depend on your lifestyle and not just exercise. If you only spend 1 % of the 168 hours, a week that you have and expect major results, believe me, losing weight does not happen overnight.
Exercise does not only mean being stuck lifting barbells all day long. In addition to workouts, you can also do little things that contribute a lot in weight loss like walking for 10 minutes every day, climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator, gardening and even parking your car far from the main entrance and keep in action on a regular basis.

Excessive exercise
Do not overdo your exercise routine. Remember, too much of anything is bad. It is also as detrimental as not exercising at all.
Usual signs of being over trained are injuries, fatigue, insomnia, prolonged recovery from workouts and overall disinterest in exercise. When you exercise, be sure that you take enough rest and sleep to prevent burnout.

Do not change your work routine
When you do something repeatedly, you will get bored and lose interest. Your body will quit responding. Make workout different or fun if you can in some way as long you are not stuck with the same routine every day.  Variety adds “spice” to your workout.

Not eating to lose weight
Usually, American diet consist of not eating breakfast, lunch on the go, and a heavy meal during dinner. But this is a big “NO” because it slows down metabolism. When the body is not fed regularly, it will result to starvation and the clings onto fat to survive. Production of thyroid hormones can greatly affect your metabolism. A gap of 2.5 or 3 hours, you can have 5 to 6 small meals, this will help your body digest properly and metabolism will be better. It might sound in contrast but in order for the body to burn fat you need to eat. You can control the portion sizes instead of decreasing the number of meals.

Underestimating liquor consumption
If you love to party and drink, but you also want to lose weight, you have to make a decision to limit your alcohol intake or better to stop drinking. Liquors do not only have calories but they metabolize more fat than carbohydrates and as being said repeatedly, alcohol has no nutritional value at all. Gulping down a beer or sipping a wine or martini might be a way for you to relax but this does not contribute in weight loss and muscle growth. The calories just add up faster than you think.

Relying in fast food
Today, fast food chains are all over the world. It seems that in every corner you turn, there is a fast food chain ready to serve those salty and fatty foods on your plate. While fast food chains are increasing in number, obesity is also increasing in the U.S.
So instead of planning a healthy meal for the family you turn to the fast solution - the readymade food. Even though we are careful in eating outside, still we are not sure on what are the ingredients being mixed on the food being served. Although fast food chains are trying to offer us a healthier option, they still depend on mass production, which is composed of laden fat and decreased optimum ingredients. So, the best way to be sure that what you eat is healthy is to prepare the food yourself. Preparing your own meal everyday might not be very easy, but it is a choice you have to make. And why do you think we call fast food meals “junk food”?

Avoiding weight training
An essential concern in losing weight is to increase the body’s metabolism and caloric expenditure. In order to this, be sure that you do not skip any meal. Another alternative is to increase muscle mass percentage. More caloric expenditure is required when we carry more muscle that is why weight training is important to increase muscle mass. 
The common mistake in fitness is having the thought that pending longer hours doing aerobic exercises is good, wherein the reality is the exact opposite. A regular resistance program is better for gaining muscle instead of doing aerobics all day long although it does help burn fats but it does so little when it comes to muscle gain. Increasing muscle mass is important in losing fat content.

Searching for the easy way out
Most of us want something for nothing whether it is winning the lottery or having a heavenly body. When turning on the TV and switching to different channels you will come to hear about the different ways to lose weight whether it is thru drinking a pill, eating an all-in-one meal, drinking a shake or even buying revolutionary equipment. Today, cosmetic surgery, which promises a perfect body, is being considered by others because it is the “easy way out” but is associated to several risks.
Calories in vs calories out, this are the basic concept in losing weight, but it not very easy to do. It is only when you have a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, patience and determination that you can attain your goal. Forget about those promising ads because they do nothing. As Cher said in a commercial fitness back in the ‘80s “if it came in a bottle, we’d all have beautiful body.”

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