Lose That Hip Fat - The Easy Way!

Lose Hip Fat

With the predominance of remote controls, fast-food deliveries, the Internet, and cars, more and more people are undoubtedly gaining more body fat. While many of us find it easy to not notice how these extra pounds piled up ("My wife's a wonderful cook", "McDonalds is just around the corner", "Ice cream always makes me feel good whenever I'm down"), shedding off unwanted fat is often a tight spot -- and we mean that physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Losing fat around the hip area is one of the biggest challenges for many people. There are a handful of women who are disposed to gaining fat around the thighs and hips. While belly fat is still the most challenging for many (men and women alike), having unwanted hip fat remains unattractive and uncomfortable.

A lot of programs that claim to bust fat propose the need to focus on problem areas. However, the effectiveness of this practice is in question, with some authorities reporting more resulting disadvantages than benefits. What many report to truly work are weight loss programs that target one's total body fat. Here we have compiled 4 strategies on stripping that displeasing hip fat.

1. Step it up! One of the most helpful instruments in losing fat around the hips is a gym stepper. If you want to tighten your belt, you can save yourself the cost of a gym stepper and just use your stairs. What matters is the stepping movement, which focuses on consuming fat around the buttocks. Our gluteus maximus (or simply our butt) is the largest muscle in the body. Thus, stimulating our butt through stepping exercises is a surefire way of burning calories.

2. Squats rock. Performing thigh squats also help in removing excess fat around the hips. You can do squats by yourself anywhere and any time you wish, but you could also use dumb bell weights for its added benefits. While doing squats may sound simple and harmless, they have caused injuries to the lumbar spine, thighs, and knees of many people. So if you will perform a squat for the first time, it would be best to ask for advice and aid from a gym instructor.

3. Weight training. General weight training facilitates the reinforcement of the thighs and improves the rate in which you burn fat. The muscles around our thighs comprise the biggest muscle group in our body. Toning and fortifying those muscles revs up the body's metabolism. As the muscles increase in strength, more unwanted fat and stored calories will be used at a faster rate. This is a proven formula in reducing fat around the hips.

4. More protein, less carbs. As we noted earlier, to lose hip fat, a complete body fat loss is necessary. To achieve this, you must rely on eat less of foods that are high with carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice, and potatoes. To help build your muscles, on the other hand, you should increase your intake of high-protein foods. You should not wonder why successful bodybuilders enjoy eating lots of eggs, chicken, and protein shakes.

Burning unwanted hip fat is not an easy task. Take into account that there are different factors and ways in which people gain and lose weight. The simplest illustration of this diversity is how men store most of their unused calories as fat in their belly, while women see those bulges more often on their legs, thighs, and buttocks. To be safe, seek advice from your doctor before committing to any weight loss program.

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not possible ...... and not do easyly
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hip fat
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show more exercises
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i truly thankful becauz it works
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Nice article
easy to follow
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its good!but difficult to do
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it dont work
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this dint work for me at all
By: tayshay' 10 years ago
shurti u should try sit ups and one famous indian exercise will definetely hlep u u should wash ur home floor with a cotton cloth it will definetely works on ur thihgs.(jhadu poocha k try ths)
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