Losing weight without dieting

The promise of a new you could be found everywhere – may it be in the rest rooms sticking behind the door or side by side, the politicians’ posters on the walls complete with contact numbers. Weight loss is a fad right now.
Many programs such as exercise, diet, and medications have sprouted enticing consumers to buy it.  Yet, these promises may not hold true and may leave us with drained wallets and not an ounce of fat is lost from our body.

Exercise, diet, and pills may actually help us attain our goal – to lose weight. However, we should always keep in mind that these are of no use if our intake is not balanced with our physical activities.

If we eat more and exercise less then it is more likely that we will gain weight.  The energy we take in from the food that we eat is measured in calories. Calorie is a unit of measurement, which will tell us how much energy we could derive from certain foods and drinks. If we eat too much, the excess calories will be converted into fats leading to various health problems and of course, weight gain.

We have control the amount of food we eat and what we do to keep ourselves active. The simple rule in losing weight is to lessen our caloric intake and increasing our physical activities to shred off these excess calories.  For example, we could substitute high caloric foods with low caloric ones.

Instead of sodas, we could make do with water and apples instead of chips for snacks. Also, instead of riding a car we could either walk or ride a bike if it is only for short distances.  We could take short walks during breaks and use the stairs instead. Other methods, such as liposuction, only contour the body and are not a weight loss method. Aside from being expensive, it poses certain risks such as scars, infection, and death.

We have many misconceptions regarding weight loss. We believe that fat is lost through urine, feces, and sweating which is relatively untrue. These are body waste and are only indicative that we are gaining energy. Also, people tend to eat more low fat or fat-free foods not knowing that they still have certain amount of calories that could add up to their weight.

Usually, certain ingredients make up for the lack of flavor of these low-fat foods such as corn syrup, which is a carbohydrate. That is why it is very important that we regulate what we eat and check their caloric content in order not to be deceived.

Weight loss could also be achieved through breathing. Fat is a hydrocarbon so when it is broken down, hydrogen is used by other parts of the body mainly as water and carbon dioxide is lost through exhalation. So with the proper breathing techniques, we do not only improve our circulation and respiration but also we help in expelling our fats.  Breathing techniques could also increase our oxygen, which in turn increases our metabolic rate.

Losing weight varies from one individual to another. Ones program may be applicable to him or her but not to you. There are several factors that affect weight loss such as medical conditions (e.g. hyperthyroidism), body types, medications (e.g. steroids), and lifestyle (e.g. sedentary lifestyle). Crash diets may end up aggravating diseases and is not a healthy way to lose weight. The ideal weight loss is one to 1 ½ pound a week.

What is important is that we must be motivated from within and set realistic goals so that we will not end up getting frustrated.  Losing weight has many benefits physically and psychologically as long as it is done in the right way. It gives us a feeling of well-being and improves our health. The key to weight loss is in us.

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