Managing Your Weight

Several different methods can be followed in order to have weight. So many ways to do, but the question lies on "how do you lose weight and maintain doing it until you reach the desired result?"

Their diets work, according to the Atkins advocates. And so with the many other types of diets that limits their food or calories intakes very strictly. However, will it be worthwhile if you would regain the lost weight after going back to your original eating habit? That is what commonly happens to most people who use diets that strictly limits food intake.

They would surely lose weight while in diet but eventually regain the lost weight while on diet but eventually regain the lost weight when they return to original eating habits. Therefore, diets do not work.

Eating fewer calories than your body can burn is the main root to weight loss. In order to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories, regardless of its sources, whether from fat, protein or carbohydrates. But you must remember that not all weight loss approach that looks for the other people will also work for you. There would be an approach that would surely fit you, but it is up to you to find it.

There are some primary keys to success in weight management, whatever type of weight-loss program you use. These are very effective for permanent weight management. These are the following:

  1. Discipline is important. Have self-control when eating. Remember that successful dieters achieve their success because they do not supersize their meals.
  2. Making some bits of changes in your everyday life that work for you will give positive results. Instead of drinking whole milk, why not drink 1 % or 2 %? Eventually, you will get used to that and in the end, you can finally switch to skim milk. You can also try switching to lower-fat versions of your favorite snack, cheese, salad dressings and the likes.
  3. Eating with a sense of purpose is also helpful. You may forget about munching while doing other things like driving, cooking or even watching television. When eating, it is helpful to savor the flavors of what you are eating and let your senses get engaged with the flavors so that you can truly acknowledge that you are eating.
  4. Limit the total amount of fat that you eat. Eat a diet that is composed mainly of vegetables, whole grains, fruits and low-fat protein sources.
  5. Healthy breakfast is important to start your day right. Include some protein like yogurt, low-fat milk, an egg or lean meats in your breakfast. Make breakfast a habit just like the thin persons. Note that overweight persons skip their breakfast.
  6. Food is not a medicine for stress. Many people manage their stress by eating. Food only adds calories to your daily total but it does not help anyone to cope with stress. There are more effective alternatives for coping with stress such as walking, exercising, calling a friend or visiting community boards. Just avoid getting into the kitchen.
  7. Include some enjoyable physical activities in your daily routine or sneak exercises. Do either of these daily and get some benefits for your cardiovascular organs and calorie-burning.
  8. Be aware of the labels of your food. Read them to identify the healthiest food options. You can make good choices when you are informed of the nutrition facts about the foods.
  9. Food journal would be helpful. Keeping track of what you eat daily is an excellent way to monitor your accomplishments. It is good to find time to celebrate what you already accomplished. You may reward yourself for your achievements.
  10. Always be motivated. It would be easy for you to surrender. When you feel like you can’t stand it anymore, you can just brush-off and return to your eating plan. The presence of your friends are also helpful, you can visit them on the community boards to get their support when you are getting through your rough times.

Successful losers are those people who successfully lost weigh of at least 60 pounds and maintain it for at least 5 years. In the University of Colorado, there is a group that tracks these successfully losers and according to the researchers involved with National Weight Control Registry, here is the 6 things that successful losers do to retain their weight.

  1. Restrict their calories to at most 1,400 daily.
  2. Limit their fat intake to at most 24% of calories.
  3. Always take breakfast.
  4. Do not follow fad diets and eat wide variety of foods.
  5. Take walking as the activity of choice, and take regular exercise.
  6. Keep track with their journal.

Definitely, successful losers are very much satisfied from their lifestyle of having daily exercises, trimmed-down bodies and healthy low-fat diets.

Members who have tried these and maintained their weight for long time found out that eventually, lesser efforts would be needed to keep their weight. Gone would be the days when living a healthy lifestyle feels like a burden.

Losing weight also brings not only benefits in giving you a great feeling about yourself but also provides you overwhelming health benefits. When you lose some 5% up to 10% of your body weight, you also minimize the hazard of developing Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

The weight control that works is having the healthy eating habits and adopting sensible behaviors that you can live with. Eating the food you love is still healthy. Just make sure that you eat them in just small amount, be able to balance them with your other foods and do not forget to eat wide variety of healthy foods daily.

Just to find the secret formula for weight loss, Americans spend about 6 billion dollars every year. However, health authorities such as American Heart Association, American Diabetic, American Medical Association and the US Department of Agriculture all believe that the balance diet is the best way to lose weight.

Now, wasting money on these products that promise too-good-to-be-true sexy figures is not practical anymore. Instead, use your money for your healthy fruits and vegetables.

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