Night Eating Syndrome and Weight Loss

Night Eating Syndrome is a way of eating that you have grown accustomed to over the years and it is very common with people who have a hard time with losing weight. Night Eating Syndrome is a real study that is currently being conducted within the medical community. They are figuring out how sleep patterns and times of day can affect how our body’s use and store energy as well as how we lose weight. Needless to say there is a lot of research on this subject and, fortunately for you, there are methods you can do – simple lifestyle changes - that can help you combat Night Eating Syndrome and weight loss.

Night Eating Syndrome begins with a lack of feeling hungry in the morning. You will also have difficulty sleeping as well as bouts of high stress within the day then following up with abnormally high amounts of calories consumed later in the day. The affects from these three lifestyle points can cause you to have a hard time losing weight, having depression, no hunger in the morning, cravings at night for foods that are high in carbohydrates and low self-esteem. NES is a pattern of things in your life which makes living it very difficult.

It has been recently noted that there is a correlation between high amounts of stress and chowing down on carbohydrates during the evening hours. When you eat carbs late at night your body produces a high amount of serotonin that works much like an opiate. Binging on these carbs is a main component of Night Eating Syndrome. We cannot focus just on the evening but the entire day. You can break this routine and can break is fairly simply and within just two days! NES is a pattern of eating that needs to be broken in order to get yourself some rest and an ability to lose weight.

The goal is for you to wake up in the morning feeling hungry. Feeling hungry is connected to your waking fasting glucose. In order to get to feeling hungry you need to stop consuming carbs in the evening.

On day one, at 3 in the afternoon, consume one or two heaping scoops of whey concentrate with liquid fat. It is suggested that you use Lean Complex with Eicosoid70 because the amino ratios in Lean Complex promotes dopamine. This get rids of your hunger. Repeat this same consumption at six o’clock. At dinner time eat five ounces of turkey and salad – NO other protein – just turkey. This is due to the tryptophan found in turkey that helps you fall asleep. If you feel the need to eat something later then repeat taking the Lean Complex. This will help keep your blood sugar low while helping you sleep. You want to wake up hungry so do not over eat.

On the second day you should find yourself feeling hungry. Eat a large breakfast that consists of one cup of oatmeal that has some honey stirred into it, 2 large eggs and three egg whites as well as a piece of whole grain bread and you can add a half cup of cottage cheese as well. This breakfast gets your body into active fuel mode and you will carry this throughout the day. Repeat the whey concentrate at three o’clock as well as the dinner and the breakfast again.

If you follow this method to the letter you will find that you will be putting your body into an entirely new pattern of where you will be waking up hungry which is the key to stopping NES. To maintain all you need to do is continue to eat a large breakfast followed up by whey protein and not sugary carbs at night. Weight loss will begin to kick in. All this takes is some patience and an ability to stick to it. It may sound easy but dedication goes a long way.

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I suffered from NES for years. It disappeared completely when I began supplementing with Magnesium.
By: Vader 13 years ago
I weigh 60kgs sometimes 58kgs bt i want it to 50kgs how do i do it!
By: Roseline ogli 13 years ago
i am 180cm and weight 94 kgs
some tips for weight loss

By: t n venkatesh 13 years ago
I have lost 18.5 kgs in 8 monhts. I have stopped eating dinner. If hungry, I eat 4/5 almonds/a teaspoon full of some spicy Indian curry so that it leaves the aroma in my mouth/ salad in contolled quantity/ a cup of dal. Key is to buy a digital weighing machine and to be able to regularly watch the weight on a day to day basis in the morning and before you go to sleep. Even a reduction of 100 grams a day means 3kgs in a month!!
By: Priyanka Das 13 years ago
i am 33 years old lady my weight is 70+ how to reduce my weight and i feel very hungry
By: chandresh dogra 13 years ago
im weighing 108 kgs how to reduce weight
By: lakshmi narasimhan 13 years ago
I am 26 yrs old my weight is 82 kg height is 164cm. i want to be fit please suggest me diet chart I have to follow.
By: Rahul 13 years ago
where do i get liquid fat and doesn't that taste awful?
By: Paula 13 years ago
I am 87kg and I want to lose my weight.I am getting soon tired when I go for diet and exercise.Give me right tips without loss of my complexion and fitness.I want to know whether fasting at night helps to reduce body weight and maintains the same?
By: Annida Balakrishnan 13 years ago
my weight is 65kg. walking regularly 6km bt wt is increasing i want to reduce wt by 8kg give me ideal diet i am non-veg eater.
By: Prof. suryawanshi jaishree r 13 years ago

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