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As the rate of overweight people increase every day, more and more diets are entering the market.  You can find all kinds of celebrity diets, popular weight loss programs, and even holistic approaches to losing weight by religion and psychological counseling. There are also many old style diets that we are used to.   Many of them have been tried by our parents and thus most of these nostalgic diets have proven themselves.  Nutrisystem Diet is one of these nostalgic diets that have encompassed us.

The Nutrisystem consists of foil pouch meals that do not need to be refrigerated.  It is a meal supplement that is made so that you can either “heat and eat” or you can add hot water and eat.  It is a plan in which you are required to buy 28 days of food (a month’s supply) and you are supposed to eat these meal supplements in combination with fruits and vegetables that you will buy from the grocery store.  The Nutrisystem meals are made so that their GI (Glycemic Index) is always set low.  The carbohydrates that are featured in the Nutrisystem diet program all have low Glycemic Index or GI.  This means that the carbohydrates that are absorbed in to your bloodstream release glucose very slowly over period of time and thus your blood sugar levels don’t elevate too quickly and in fact, your blood sugar levels stabilize quickly.  This method has been proven by many clinical studies to be effective in controlling your weight level and stopping the new fat cells from forming.

In the Nutrisystem, you have different sets of meals that are suited for different people with different needs.  In general, you have different programs for men and women in view of their different daily calorie and nutritional requirements.  In addition, there are women’s silver and men’s silver programs that is suited for elder people.  In addition to these, there are different diabetic meal supplement packages for men and women and also a vegetarian package that is suited for vegetarians.  Thus Nutrisystem is a balanced, well thought out plan that targets you with limited calories per day and also with the necessary daily nutritional requirements as per the RDA.

In the Nutrisystem Diet program, you also have to buy some foods from the grocery store.  The Nutrisystem diet program recommends you to eat its balanced pre packaged and non refrigerated meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a Nutrisystem snack.  However, also you are required to eat 4 ½ servings of vegetables and fresh fruit everyday due to the US RDA Requirements.  These can be anything from broccoli to cauliflower (especially vegetables with low carbohydrate content are recommended).  These vegetables and fresh fruits are emphasized as an important part of your daily diet and your health requirements.  

The Nutrisystem diet contains low Glycemic Index carbohydrates, reduced fat, necessary proteins for your diet.  Under no circumstance are you allowed to drink alcohol or sugary products in your diet.  White sugar is explicitly forbidden and it is recommended that you drink as little coffee and tea as possible, at least until you reach your target rate.  The Nutrisystem diet also doesn’t contain any trans fats and thus this is also beneficial for your overall health.  In addition, the sodium content of the meals are well below the US R D A Levels for healthier living. In the Nutrisystem Diet, there are also Omega 3 additions in your diet for your cardiovascular health.

Thus, the Nutrisystem Diet is a strict diet that aims for you to lower your calorie intake fast for a controlled weight loss program.  The meal supplements that come with the Nutrisystem Diet are all foil packaged and none of them need to be frozen or refrigerated for keeping fresh.  They are prepared with can food technology and thus they can be kept at room temperatures.  This is a very important advantage as it allows the meals to be carried easily to work or school so that you can eat your meals and stick to the Nutrisystem weight loss program no matter where you are.  This is important especially for people who have a fast life style and who have to keep up with the pace of life.

When you want to start in the Nutrisystem Diet, you are required to enroll but it’s a totally free process that can be done online through the Nutrisystem web site.  When you enroll, you can make your order for a 28 day meal and the company gives you the option of free shipping to your door; if you choose the auto enroll option that allows you to receive your meal supplements every month without re ordering them every month.  However, once you enroll, you are also allowed free counseling and free guidance.  Using the toll free numbers provided, you can easily use this service so that you can call your diet counselors on any Nutrisytem weight loss program related question.  If you are allergic to certain foods or if you have some specific requirements, then again the Nutrisytem counselors can help you in your questions and special needs.

The Nutrisystem program also comes with a special DVD that has certain exercises and workouts that are programmed separately for man or women.  It is a very good DVD that is professionally prepared and when combined with the Nutrisystem Guidance system and its strict plan that has pre packaged foods with a set calorie level; you have absolutely no choice but to lose weight.

Thus, in general it is a good program that really does work.  However, the major problem with this diet plan is the fact that it is unfortunately expensive.  A 28 day meal supplement plan usually costs around 300 dollars per month and thus it can be difficult for most people to stay on the diet for many months.  Of course, the free guidance and support along with the exercise DVD do help alleviate the costs somewhat but compared to other plans your budget will need to be strong.

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I personally think this diet is a waste of money. Once people lose weight from this diet and go back to eating normal food they tend to put the weight back on.
By: Piper 13 years ago
By: SHONA 13 years ago
How do they not need refrigerated?
By: Guest 15 years ago

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