Nowadays people are very much concerned about their health, their looks and their weight. All of us always gain a few extra pounds in our daily routine. We want to get rid of these extra pounds and go through extensive exercises and use a lot of pills available in the market to lose weight. Phentermine is a pill but this pill is not the best for you because of certain reasons. Phentermine is a drug that is prescribed by the doctors and is used for suppressing appetite. Phentermine is a mixture of amphetamine and a phenethylamine. This is usually given to people who are in a risk because of their weight. It is normally stated that Phentermine should only be subscribed to patients for a short term period. This drug is not supposed to be taken for more than 3 months. The reason behind it is that it is a drug and if you get used to it and it is not effective anymore. And it does not affect you anymore as your body gets immune to it and you start feeling hungry in some time.

This drug also has side effects and you may get insomnia that is why this drug should be taken before you take your breakfast or at least two hours after you take your breakfast. If you remember, once there was a drug called the Fen-Phen, this drug was a mixture of the two Fenfluramine and Phentermine. According to a research done 30% of the people who used this drug had cardiac vale abnormalities. Also by the usage of this drug even for a short period of time has reported high blood pressure damage to the lungs. It has been proven through many years of research that a lot of side effects are related to the usage of weight losing pills. These side effects can prove to be very dangerous and can cause severe damage and in some cases have caused disastrous results. Phentermine is also such a drug that does give great results to its consumers in the first instance but it has some drastic results on health of an individual. The effectiveness of the drug goes down the drain as it comes with side effects. No one in the world wants to lose weight at the cost of their other health benefits.

Phentermine is an incredible drug that is used to lose weight and it also works miraculously fine. But there is a big disadvantage of using this drug and that is its side effects. It does work but comes with a lot of dangerous side effects. This is a big problem with buying drugs online as you never know what to buy and it may come with so many disadvantages. Online purchasing of these drugs may seem to be cheap but in the end they turn out to be hazardous.  You always have to consult your doctor before you take the dosage of Phentermine. It can be dangerous and prove to be a wrong decision.   

There are many side effects of using Phentermine. Following are a few main problems related to this drug. Short term use of these drugs has the under mentioned effects:

  1. Heart rate may increase, causing tachyardia.
  2. Blood pressure may increase.
  3. Experiencing palpitations.
  4. There may be symptoms of insomnia.

Also if you use this drug for a long term then following can be the side effects:

  1. You might have a vision problem.
  2. Behavior can be abnormal.
  3. It can cause hallucination.
  4. You can feel tried and can cause fatigue.
  5. Your throat can get blocked.
  6. Surges in blood pressure.
  7. Can cause nervousness.
  8. Might cause you to faint.
  9. Your reflexes can change.

People who have the following medical problems should not use Phentermine drug:-

  1. If you have a problem of atherosclerosis.
  2. If you were previously on drugs.
  3. If you have high blood pressure problems.
  4. If you are having any heart diseases.
  5. If you use inhalers and monoamine oxidize inhibitors.

Phentermine works fine for a few weeks and you will definitely feel the results of it, but it comes with some shocking side effects as well.  The question is that do you want to lose your weight on the risk of losing your life or not? If that is not the case then Phentermine should not be used. This drug can prove to be dangerous for you in the long run and can deteriorate your health to a drastic point. The biggest risk of using this drug is the high blood pressure caused by its usage. The high blood pressure alone is enough to kill you but it also comes with some heart diseases. May be it is not evident to you in the first place and few weeks pass on ok but imagine that one day you go out to give a blood test and your doctor strikes the news that some how and due to some reasons your kidneys and liver have stopped functioning in a normal way. Then you might realize that losing weight using Phentermine was not the best decision you ever made.

The biggest problem in buying these drugs online is that most of them are faked. Most of them are made in a fake way and are being sold all over the world. They also have legal USA prescription. These might look cheap but the price that you have to pay in the end can be massive. Such fake drugs can cause your body organs to fail in no time. It is a warning to everyone out there that do not just see the prescription, it may be faked. The best way is to join a club that will help you and guide you for the best and real drugs websites. At least it will make sure that whatever you are buying is pure and will work safely. Remember always, drugs can prove to be fatal so before you buy such drugs online make sure they are authentic and come with proper certifications.

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the first time i used phentermine i lost 40 lbs in 3 months with no problem...i recently started taking it again and ive only lost 3 lbs in a month and a half b/c im immuned to them which sucks....dont rely on them to keep losing b/c it wont happen
By: renee 9 years ago
dengi ra pukaaaaaaaaaa...........
By: basha 10 years ago

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