Principles of lasting weight loss

The vast majority of people, at some point has considered dieting at least once before or has promised themselves that they will start eating healthier and lose weight slowly, but for good. However, not many have been successful in their intentions of adapting a healthier lifestyle and losing extra pounds for good. This is because of a few small common mistakes that are repeatedly made. One way of stopping the never ending cycle of dieting, losing weight and then gaining the weight back is to learn and know the six principles for improved health and lasting weight loss. These are actually very simple and everyone can learn them and once you know them then you can stop wasting time with futile efforts and spending money on dieting supplements that do not work. Not only that, but the constant weight loss and gain only results in more weight staying on permanently.

Why are the six principles that are so important?

The six principles for improved health and lasting weight loss is a list that has been compiled by experts in the field of dieting and nutrition. They have studied the attempts made by overweight people and after having done research behind the success stories and the failure stories, a list was compiled of the reasons for the failure of a diet. It was time for these reasons to be made public, because obesity is a problem that causes a lot of unnecessary health problems and consequential medical costs. It is necessary for anyone wanting to achieve and maintain a normal weight to know of what is causing the weight to come back or not to go away at all and once a diet can be created that is set up on a stable foundation, success will come on its own.

Only those that learn the six principles for improved health and lasting weight loss will be capable of changing their eating habits and lifestyle on a long-term basis and thus lose weight gradually and permanently. The principles help you to avoid the same pitfalls that millions before have gone through and mistakes are only of any good if someone learns from them. Many dream of a fast fix for losing weight, but this is not very feasible and by attempting such diet plans over and over again, you will only find it harder and harder to achieve your weight loss goals. In the case of losing weight for good, the old saying that good things need time is very applicable and sums things up in a few simple words.

What are these promising six principles?

The first of the six principles for improved health and lasting weight loss is to watch your habits, which may very well be addictions. You may be addicted to nicotine or alcohol, but also overeating counts as an addiction. Another is the addiction to escape from your stressed out life by escaping through media like television, video games or even surfing the internet. These addictions are done without thinking, but if an overweight person is asked why they do not exercise in order to lose the extra weight, the number one excuse is that they do not have the time to. This is very contradictory and it is not to be understood how hours each day can be spent in front of the TV or computer, but not out walking or in the gym. The second of the six principles is also important and yet quite simple. Just eat healthier and ensure that the foods you eat are providing you with the daily recommended amounts of nutrients. The basic idea is that foods are like our fuel and if we do not have enough of the right grade, then we will not function at our best. The problem that people make here is that they tend to eat only what tastes good to them and not what is good for them. This can be solved by replacing only some of our foods with good tasting and yet healthy ones. For example, instead of eating chips when watching a movie, eat pieces of strawberry or kiwis.

Another of the six principles for losing weight permanently is to avoid toxins and stress, both of which have an effect on your body in negative ways. These can cause diseases and even a gain in weight. Toxins are often found in many foods that are made with chemicals and are also found in preservatives, which can cause your cells to act crazy and that will ultimately even adversely affect your metabolism which determines your weight loss, or lack of it. Another mistake that many make is that they want to change their weight, but not the way they think. That is a major problem and it is impossible to change your lifestyle into a slim and healthy one if you still think like an obese and unhealthy one. If you are not determined to lose weight and keep it off you won’t and you have to be willing to do whatever is needed to change your lifestyle and have the figure that you have always dreamt of.

The last two are key principles and without them you will not improve your health and lose weight permanently. The fifth principle is well known, and often ignored. It is to simply exercise on a regular basis. Not only do you have to consistently participate in a physical activity, you should also take advantage of every possibility that comes your way to get additional movement. Even small activities, like walking a flight of stairs can improve your health and kill of extra calories which is what weight loss is about. The final of the six principles is to take on new and better habits that will positively haven an effect on your overall well being, health and figure. Take a bit of time and think about what you do on a regular basis and make realistic and honest assessments. If there is something that needs to be changed, such as not eating breakfast or skipping meals and snacking out of boredom, then it is time to make proper changes.

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that only has 5 not 6??
By: ash 10 years ago
Any tips for a 142 pound 15 year old girl?
By: krista 11 years ago
Good Article. The primary challenge for everyone is addressed - that of changing 'bad thinking and rationale (excuses) for not following through on what we know is good for us. In my book, 'The Untold Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss', I define 'the perfect diet', offer solutions that deal with the psychological - substitution therapy, meditation, and how to eventually move from concious effort to subconcious engrained behavior, yielding permanent weight loss. How can I get my book placed on your website? If you read only part of it, you will know that it is the single best written solution in an industry that is 95% disingenous.
By: Guest 13 years ago

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